Money! We all want more of it, don’t we? Gambling can be a fantastic way to make some extra cash. As long as you’re careful and clever about it, of course. Sports betting is a great way to gamble. It’s also good fun. You get the thrill of watching your favourite teams, plus an increase in your bank balance. Betting on sports is a great opportunity, but it’s never a certainty. Here are some tips to follow if you want to break the bank. Find the best markets Don’t do anything crooked! There are a lot of sites out there looking to trick gamblers into handing over cash. Criminals can use gambling to make money too, even stealing online identities. Make sure you’re using legitimate sites. In our experience, this site recommends a few quality sportsbooks accepting US players. Before you put a bet on, make sure you’re doing it with the right people. Bet on sports with big fields


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You can always make more money betting on a sport with more contenders.. Events with two competitors don’t produce great odds. Tennis is the best example of this - the favourite can be so overwhelming that you can’t make money from them. We’d tell you to bet on events where the fields have a massive number of potential winners. You should also try to avoid sports where the best players are “seeded” - that means they’ll get easier opponents in the early rounds. Tennis is a big offender here again, as are European soccer tournaments. Go for the major golf tournaments, where dozens of players all play and freak results often occur. Bet on motor racing too, as crashes make it possible to secure big wins. Horse racing’s another good market, although you’ll need a lot of knowledge to make serious money. Don’t always bet just on the winner That sounds stupid, so let me make myself clear. These days, sports betting isn’t just concerned with who’s going to win the event. There is a ton of other things that you can predict. Gambling has embraced the virtual world, and that’s caused an explosion in betting markets. In soccer, you can bet on who’s going to score next, or how many yellow cards there will be. You can bet on a golfer’s individual score for a hole. You can predict the first retirement in a motor race. All these things sound difficult to call, and they are. The result of that is that you’ll get better odds on them. Spread your bets around different outcomes, and you’re sure to make more money. Betting is tricky. You’re never guaranteed to make your money back. A little intelligence goes a long way. You don’t always make the big money on the headline sports, or the headline events. If you move your money around, you’ve got more chance of hitting profit. Just be sure you’re betting in the right places. We’d hate for you to get stung by a crook. After all, we all want the same thing - to take the bookies to the cleaners!

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