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When someone in your family dies, it can be a particularly emotional and traumatic experience. However, that doesn't mean that you still won't need to handle the practical aspects of someone passing on. It can be painful, but someone influential in the family has to go through and manage all of the details immediately after a person dies.   Think of some of these situations where a strong personality will have to overcome obstacles. If there was negligence in the death, someone might have to pursue a wrongful death suit. There are funeral expenses that have to be dealt with. It's essential that someone in the family understands what the grieving stages are and if family therapy would help. And, someone who has a power of attorney has to make it through all the necessary legal paperwork.  

Wrongful Death Pursuits

In instances of negligence that resulted in death, it may be necessary for you to pursue a wrongful death suit against a person or even a company. This can be very upsetting so sometimes looking for lawyers potentially similar to Bill Dullea or a legal aid in your local area could be helpful. In the emotionally charged situation of already having the grief of losing someone, it can be difficult to take the practical steps to put the suit together in a logical manner. That's why it's a good idea to contact a wrongful death lawyer to help you handle all of the specific details as soon as possible in the process.

Funeral Expenses

In most situations, after a person dies, someone else has to handle the details of the funeral expenses. It can be quite eye-opening to see how much funerals cost, from the cost of the casket to the value of burial services and so on. Sometimes, people have some of their own money set aside so that when they died the financial burden does not move to their immediate family members.  

Grieving Stages and Therapy

Are you aware of what the stages of grief and acceptance are? If not, you may want to research them as part of your process after a close family member dies. If you know what these stages are, you may be able to help the other members of your family cope as well, and collectively you may even decide that some sort of group therapy would be helpful to everyone.

Legal Paperwork

In modern human society, after a person dies, there is quite a bit of legal paperwork that has to be filled out and submitted. There are bank accounts that need to be closed. Last wills and testaments have to be adhered to. There are Social Security payments, bills, property arrangements, and many other things that all need to be handled. Usually, it is up to one of the energetic personalities in the family to make sure all of these things get taken care of in the most effective way possible.