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For the hopeful and hopeless romantic who never, ever want to forget the day you truly committed to each other, there's no better day to propose marriage than Valentine's Day. For literally centuries, mid-February has held romantic significance. Ancient historical studies prove this, traced to Christian, Roman and pagan traditions.

While there certainly are proposals made "on the fly," on a whim, spontaneously, a little planning and preparation surely doesn't hurt. One thing you want to have at hand, to put on her hand, of course, is an engagement ring. Along with that, a bouquet of her favourite flowers from a local Scoresby florist can also add a colourful and fresh touch to your proposal! But first, you will have to ensure that you get her a near-perfect ring. You want that ring to be strong, unique and beautiful, like, you might say, your love for each other. And, there may be many shops which want to entice you to choose their rings, you do want quality, because that's a definite marker of true care. Melbourne-based Simon West Fine Jewellery is among those jewellers that offer amazing, gorgeous engagement rings and personalized, one-on-one service, both in the shop, as well as online. They have a comprehensive, detailed website with large easy-to-view photos of the many custom options available. Click here to view their amazing collection.

The local "name" chain jewellery stores, the ones at every mall will never be able to give customers the same kind of attention a boutique jewellery store can. Where they buy everything in bulk and carry the same styles around the world, making "unique" a word they cannot use to describe their jewellery, Simon West, artful boutique jewellers make all of what they sell in their beautiful studio, adjacent to their store.

Simon West Jewellery works primarily in both 18ct white gold and platinum, with orders evenly divided between the metals. These are the finest metals used in jewellery today, and it is this quality white gold and platinum that adorn the ring fingers of celebrities, socialites and royalty. Every two years, Simon West Jewellery will inspect and clean and adjust your ring as needed, all part of the lifetime warranty on the 100% handmade rings.Simply put, they make fine jewellery and they know how to keep its quality. If you're able to go in person to choose the ring, with or without your fiancé, a qualified, knowledgeable, patient and kind expert will work with you for up to an hour, and will carefully explain its design, colour, clarity, carat and cost with you.

If you do opt for the optimally romantic Valentine's Day proposal, you won't be alone – even celebrities have chosen this day to declare their love.

Vince Vaughn proposed to Kyla on Valentine's Day 2009, and told Ellen DeGeneres on the "Ellen" show, "Valentine's Day rolled around and I figured this is not a ship to be missed. I will not forget this date." They were married the following year and the actor and his real-estate agent wife now have two children together.

Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault already had a two-year-old daughter, the impish Valentina, but they chose the oh-so-chic Left Bank of Paris to marry on Valentine's Day, 2009.

That same year, "Star Wars'" star Harrison Ford proposed to his "Ally McBeal" star girlfriend of seven years, on a Valentine's Day family getaway.

Adriana Lima, beautiful lingerie model (yes, Victoria Secret) eloped with NBA basketball star Marco Jaric on Valentine's Day in 2009. They're now the proud parents to two beautiful baby girls, one born in November 2009, and another who was born in 2012.

While their marriages eventually didn't work, both actress Sharon Stone and music legend Prince married on a Valentine's Day (1998 and 1996, respectively).

Valentine's Day is a lovely day to consider proposing, and do so with a custom, handmade ring.

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