Most of the time when you look for articles online about shoes they will be articles for women. You can find tons of articles about finding the right pair of heels or how to make flats look fancier. Some sites, like, even show you how to customize and care for your own shoes yourself! Sure, there are articles directed at guys looking for shoes too, but not as many of them.

When it comes to men shopping for shoes, you have all the same reasons to shop. You need shoes for work, you need shoes to workout, and maybe you even need shoes to go with the suit you are wearing on tonight's date. So how do you pick the right ones?

Shoes For Your Sporty Side

Whether you are a basketball fan, like to shoot the hoops yourself, or you simply enjoy a daily walk, what shoes you buy for fitness matter much. They matter for the safety of your feet, ankles, and legs, and will help you perform the best at whatever sport you enjoy.

You may find when training for a marathon your running shoes work better than the shoes you bought for walking. Your hiking shoes aren't going to give you much leverage on the basketball court. That is why there are sports shoes made for each sport, which help you play your best.

Shoes For Your Basic Workout

There are also different shoes for working out. Running shoes for runners, walking shoes for walkers. You want the right support in your shoes, as well. This can help keep you moving and keep your feet healthy and happy.

Shopping For Vacation Shoes

When it comes to your vacation, you may need a few different pairs of shoes, depending on what you're doing. Spending time on the beach? You'll need some sandals, and maybe even some swim shoes.

If you plan to go hiking in the mountains you'll need hiking shoes. If you plan to workout while you are on vacation, you'll need your specific workout shoes with you as well. It's better to be safe than sorry, so don't leave any of those important shoes behind.

Shoes For A Night Out

One last type of shoe you guys need to have are the ones you'll wear out at night. You might be able to get away with your work loafers most of the time, but if you tend to wear steel toed boots at work then you're going to need some night time shoes too.

Know what shoes go with what suit, or what shoes look best with jeans and tshirts. Never wear sneakers with a suit, and always try to make sure you look stylish, especially if you want to impress people with your kicks.

A couple last important rules to remember are to never wear socks with your sandals and to never wear white socks with a suit and dress shoes!

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