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How much money do you have on you right now? You might have maybe fifty in your wallet and a couple thousand on your card. You could live with losing fifty, and the card is pin protected. Not to mention, if anyone commits fraud on your account you can claim it bank through your bank. Okay, you so might lose fifty or let’s say as much as two hundred if you lost everything you were carrying right now. Or, would you?  What about the phone in your pocket. If you bought that without a contract, you could be looking at another six hundred. You might have bought the latest iPod touch for exercising, so add on three hundred. What about in your bag? Most people tend to carry a tablet around with them, so add a couple hundred more on. Or, if you have a thin laptop as much as two thousand. Is that everything? No, because you might be a gamer and have a portable console. On average a person is carrying around two to three thousand dollars in possessions. We can’t claim most of this back if we lose them or get them stolen either. But, we can protect them. 2

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Cases, Cases. Cases

I’ll let you in on a rather embarrassing story. Remember those old ipods before the touch came out? I got one of those for Christmas one year with a case, but I thought It would be fine without one. Actually, I believe my exact words were “people can’t tell it’s an iPod with the case on!” Anyway, long story short I accidently dropped my brand new eighty GB in the toilet on Christmas morning. So protect your items whether it’s an iPod, phone or Kindle. Don’t worry about fashion because you can find an incredibly stylish purple kindle touch case online. Or if you are accident prone you might want to opt for the army style cases. You know the ones you can drop from one hundred feet, and they won’t break or submerge in five hundred feet of water. I’d just like to know who takes their iPhone diving? Moving On...

Apple Are Spying, And It Sure Is Handy

Ever sat down and read the terms and conditions of an Apple contract?  It’s not fair to single out Apple, they’re the same for virtually any piece of software or hardware. Whatsapp terms has a neat little clause that allows them to turn your phone camera on without notifying you. Apple, in particular, have one that allows them to track you through GPS, even if you turn GPS tracking off. But it’s useful because that’s how find my phone works. Be sure to turn it on. Even if you lose it in the house, you can use the app to get your phone to make noise.

Don’t Store Valuable Information On Your Gadgets

Leaving your bank details on your phone or your pin number so you won’t forget it is the equivalent of leaving your house door unlocked. Actually, it’s more like leaving the door wide open with a big welcome mat next to it. Your final tip for protecting your gadgets is not to keep any valuable information on them. Ah, you say, not a problem, my new phone has a fingerprint scanner! On average it will take a hacker sixty seconds to hack a publically sold fingerprint scanner. Not an expert, just your average kid who likes fiddling with computers. I hope you realise now just how much in possessions you carry around with you and why you need to protect it. Finally, remember any electronic device can be shut down remotely if it is lost or stolen.  

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