Fellas, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear this spring. This season is a tricky one when it comes to style and practicality. It’s not quite cold enough for winter attire yet it’s not warm enough for your summer getup either. Follow these style tips, and you will pull off the spring look with minimal effort. 4

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Dust Down Your Denim Jacket

  The denim jacket never goes out of style. And another bonus of this wardrobe staple: it can be worn with just about anything! Your denim jacket will also keep you warm during the often changeable spring climate. Wear over a hoodie for extra warmth and to keep your head dry.  

Don’t Lose The Love For Your Layers

  Don’t shed all your layers quite yet. Springtime also calls for this practical technique. For a stylish look wear plaid shirts over t-shirts and puffa sleeveless jackets over long-sleeved tops. 5

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Get Creative With Cardigans

  Thick fisherman style wool cardigans are bang on trend right now. If you are unfamiliar with these garments, have a browse on websites like http://www.aransweatersdirect.com/ for a good idea of style and cost. Cable knit cardigans create a cool, laid-back look when layered over shirts, t-shirts or both and worn with jeans and leather boots. They are very practical too as they can be worn open or easily taken off or put on depending on the weather.  

Dare To Double Up On Denim

  “Denim on top and bottom?!” I hear you shriek. Yes, this look which was once thought of as creepy and cringeworthy has recently taken a trendy turn. If you want to pull off the double denim look, the key is to avoid looking too matchy. It may sound impossible considering you are wearing top to toe denim, but a contrast can be achieved by wearing different washes. For example, wear a lightweight, light wash shirt on top and a heavier, darker denim below.  

Re-establish Your Affair With Colour

  Springtime calls for brighter, more interesting colours in your clothing. Shades to look out for this spring include light and dazzling blues, treetop greens, purple, orange and yellow. These can be mixed with the neutral colours on trend this spring, for instance, grey and sand. If you are a bit afraid of colour, introduce it subtly in your shoes, belts and bags. Once you’ve started experimenting with these bright colours, you won’t be able to stop! 6

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Meet Halfway With Long Short

  Long shorts are a great halfway house for springtime. They let your legs come out of winter hiding but in a way that is both stylish and practical for the season. They should come to just above, or on, the knee. Any longer and you will look like you are trying to catch a wave. For a casual walking-the-dog-look wear your shorts with a hoodie and casual suit jacket. For a smarter occasion, wear a crisp shirt tucked in or a v-neck jumper on top.   Thanks for reading guys! I hope these style tips assist in your quest for a practical yet smart spring style.

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