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You may have failed at getting fit once before. You may know somebody who did. Either way, it’s a fact that the majority of people who set out on a health kick fail. But why? There are a few common similarities with these people that can give us a bit of an insight. Take a look:  

They Don’t Know What to Do for Their Goals

  No workout should be the same from person to person. The workout you do depends on your goals. If your goal is overall health, then you should do a mix of cardiovascular, plyometric and bodyweight exercises. If you want to get bigger and stronger, weights would be the answer. If you want to run a marathon, running is the key. Burning fat requires HIIT and resistance, like in the Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles. Don’t just wander around the gym and guess what you should be doing; do your research, consider your goals, and design a workout plan!  

They Don’t Prioritise Form Over Weight

  Some men think that they should be lifting heavy weights in the gym and not doing much else. While this is a good workout plan for men, many want to lift as heavy as possible. Lifting heavy weights requires repeating movements consistently.You will not just walk into the gym and pick up the heaviest barbell/dumbbell. If you can and you haven’t had any practice, you’re more than likely doing it wrong. Wrong form can injure you, and can sometimes be very serious. You might think you look great with that heavy barbell, but you won’t look great when you’re rolling around in agony. Proper form is always the most important thing over weight. 2

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They Don’t Eat the Right Foods to Support Their Training

  Some men find it easy to eat whatever they like without gaining much weight. However, if you want optimal results, you must eat the right foods to support your training. Some people won’t see any results if they eat the wrong foods, while others will only see a fraction of what they could be achieving. You may go around in circles for years wondering why you aren’t getting results, or you may just quit after a few months.  

They Don’t Change Their Mindset First

  Getting fit is all about having the right mindset. This isn’t a short term thing, it’s a lifelong journey. It’ll take consistency, and there will be setbacks. If you think it’s going to be smooth sailing all the way to the body of a Greek god, you’ve got another thing coming. Make sure you’re thinking positively, and you understand that you won’t transform in a matter of weeks. However, if you’ve tried for months and months and you do not see much in the way of results, you may need to make a change. Consider turning up the intensity of your workouts, removing something from your diet, or adding something to your diet to see changes.   Do you have what it takes to succeed?

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