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Gym memberships can be expensive, especially those gym memberships where you get luxury changing rooms and showers. You can usually find a membership to suit every budget, but those on the cheaper side of things can seriously lack in terms of equipment, classes, and training. You can get some questionable folk in there too! The best way to get your workout in while keeping it cost effective is to build your own garage gym - after all, you may already have got an awesome garage courtesy of people like these Custom Garage Builders that you're not really using at the moment, so it would make sense to turn it into a gym. Here we'll discuss the dos and don'ts, so you can build a gym that all of your friends will want access to!

Do Decorate the Walls With Motivational Quotes

Don't be afraid to give your walls a coat of paint before decorating them with motivational quotes to keep you going during your workouts. You can find plenty of quotes in wall sticker form online, which will be perfect to achieve the look you want. One or two should be plenty motivation to keep you going. Just make sure you pick quotes you really like as you'll be looking at them most days!

Don't Make it Look Too Busy

While you should make your gym look good, you shouldn't make it look too busy. If you want to give it a quirky edge, you could consider creating a feature wall using pages out of fitness magazines for instance. However, you shouldn't have so much in there that it begins to distract you when you should be working out.

Do Make a List of What You'll Need to Complete Your Workouts

Think of the workouts you usually do and make a list of the equipment you'll need to complete those workouts. Kettlebells, plates, benches, and racks are all a good choice to start. These guys stock exercise equipment similar to that. You can then prioritise your equipment, as good equipment will cost you a lot of money so you won't be able to buy it all at once.

Don't Buy More Than You Need

Don't crowd your gym with lots of equipment to make it ‘better'. Only buy equipment that you know you'll use. You don't want your gym to get too cramped either, as the chance of hurting yourself becomes much more real.

Do Read Reviews to Make Sure Your Equipment is Quality

You want quality equipment, so if you're torn between two brands make sure you read reviews. These reviews will help you to decide which is the most suitable piece of kit for your garage gym.

Don't Always Go for the Cheapest Option

Cheapest doesn't mean best, so make sure you're going for equipment that you deem to be good value for money, not equipment that has the cheapest price tag.

Above all else, you should never set up your garage gym without a well thought out plan. Do you have enough room for all of your stuff? Where will you lay things out? Oh, and please don't be one of those people that charges their friends to use the gym (if you want friends left). Enjoy!

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