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Becoming a millionaire is the ultimate dream. We all stress and worry about our finances, often to the detriment of our health and wellbeing. Money is the biggest cause of anxiety, for example. So, imagine the freedom and joy that would come from having a million in the bank. It’s not impossible either. In fact, there are more millionaires now than ever before. Not only that, but there are more routes to economic freedom. Here’s how you can join the million club in six different ways.

  1. Invest

Almost every self-made millionaire has made their money with clever investments. You instantly imagine the stock market, but remember there are plenty of other alternatives. Yes, the stock market does have the ability to create millionaires. Smart and sensible investments are much more profitable than a simple savings account. However, there are other ways. Invest in yourself! Invest in a good idea, or a friend’s business. Invest in something with a future and be relentless about this.
  1. Start a business

Few millionaires are made by working a 9-5 career job. Sure, the top level managers and bankers might make a small fortune. But, the majority of millionaires have taken a risk and gone it alone. Starting a business is the best way to take control of your money and build something you believe in. It will be empowering, financially freeing, and it could make you a fortune.
  1. Live frugally

We often imagine millionaires splashing their cash on cars, holidays, and all manner of luxuries. The reality is very different. Most millionaires are relentless about their money. They prioritise saving, investment, and frugality. They put aside most of their income and direct it towards investments and savings. They negotiate cheap prices and always look for the best value. Most people get to a million slowly, and that requires discipline.
  1. Follow the money

Smart millionaires learn to sniff out the money and hunt it down. They spot untapped markets, and they predict consumer trends. The big money right now is in the technology sector. Clever millionaires sensed this huge shift and locked themselves into this market. They created startups, joined mega tech companies, and researched the industry. Follow the money!
  1. Think big

You’ll only make a million if you dream big. In fact, most millionaires have their sights on 10 million! You’ve got to believe you deserve bigger and make a plan to get there. Very few millionaires make their money through complacency. They set goals, dream big, and pursue it to all ends. You need to apply the same thought process.
  1. Win the lottery

Of course, there are other avenues to pursue. You can get your hands on online lottery tickets at Lottery Master and become a millionaire overnight! Gambling has made some people very rich, and these are all viable routes to the million club. But, much like everything else, nothing happens until you make that first move. Set your sights on the money and make a plan. Becoming a millionaire is entirely possible. There’s no reason you can’t be the next big success story. Follow this advice and watch the money roll in. 1


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