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  Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does open up a world of new opportunities. No man should be lazy with his finances, and we could all benefit from making our money work harder.   Finding a way to cut your lifestyle costs will allow you to save more money for a better future. It will also remove the stress of seeing your money disappear faster than it grows. To the same token, none of us wants to sacrifice the most enjoyable aspects of our social lives.   Here are four tips to make your money last longer, without restricting your happiness. 3



Smart Home Design

  When it comes to interior design, most men are guilty of shopping for today. We think about what we want now, but don’t think about the practicalities for the future.   You live in your home for 365 days a year. Kitting it out solely for the summer isn’t wise. At the same time, it is important to embrace seasonal trends. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a home that doesn’t cut the mustard at any time of year.   Shopping with extra care can help the home stay on trend throughout the seasons without the need for redecorating every six months. slipcovered furniture offers versatility for your interior design. Options like this are what will save you huge money in the long run.  

Dress To Impress

  Another area where you can make dramatic savings is clothing. One option is to stop buying brand names. This isn’t a sacrifice that every man wants to make, especially when you get discounted products online. Thankfully, there is another way.   As with the home design, planning for 12-month cycle rather than seasonal options will stand you in great stead. If nothing else, buying a wardrobe for the whole year will allow you to buy better products.  

Cut Bills

  One of the biggest drains on our money is bills. No questions asked. Every man would love to find a way of lowering those monthly direct debits, but we don’t want to part with our services either.   Nonetheless, you can make savings without sacrificing the benefits. A lot of people have a mobile phone tariff that is far beyond their usage. Meanwhile, most of us aren’t receiving the internet service that we pay for. Making the appropriate cuts here will raise some extra funds without missing out.   Similarly, there are probably some services you can afford to cut. Quitting an unused gym membership is the perfect example.  

Lease Rather Than Buy

  Today’s generation has a desire to own everything. However, there are some items where leasing is more beneficial than buying.   Most men have a desire to drive the best car possible, and leasing opens up an opportunity to buy a model that would usually be out of your price range. When you take into account the money you’ll save on services and rectifying problems, it is often the best option.   Better still, you’ll also be able to change it every three years for a new car. Conversely, the depreciation of a purchased motor means that upgrading will cost you a bomb.

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