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It can get rather tiring, so to say, having to endure a daily energy-slump which usually follows on an hour or so after lunch. The fact that pretty much everybody goes through it doesn’t make it any better for you and it can have some dire consequences for your productivity. If you’re not feeling sleepy then you find it really hard to sustain any meaningful levels of concentration and you may as well be zombie. Energy drinks and caffeine tablets are only effective once or twice in such situations, but you can’t use what are essentially temporary solutions to a more permanent cycle of your energy levels going through what appears to be a natural, biologically-driven slump. It’s always good practice to try and deploy some good, “clean” energy sources which your body will assimilate as naturally as possible, such as a few delectable snacks which are great at boosting energy at the most crucial of times. Check them out - Citrix GoToMeeting has put together an infographic which features 15 of these energy-boosting snacks, which are quick and easy to prepare and consume.


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