People think about getting fit all the time. They think about how great it would be, the benefits, how confident they’d feel...but they never actually do it. Why they don’t bother is anyone’s guess. People are too lazy. They are scared of failure. Some are even scared of success. You can’t think of it in this way though; how will you feel, X amount of years from now, when you’re old. When it’s harder to get fit and stay fit. When your body has started to shut down. When you realise you haven’t done any of the things you said you were going to do. I’ll give you a hint: it won’t feel great. That’s why you should start your fitness journey now! No excuses. Excuses aren’t real. These top tips will help you along:

Set Smaller, More Manageable Goals

Instead of setting the goal to ‘lose 3 stone in 6 months’, set smaller, more manageable goals. 6 months is a long time and a lot can happen. If that’s the only goal you set, you can easily veer off the right track. Instead, make your goal ‘attend the gym at least 3 times per week’. You could also set goals like ‘get better at pushups’. These goals are far more manageable, and they will help you amount to your big goal in the long run.

Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are amazing and have been used for years to help one achieve their greatest desires. Look over your board every day and you’ll be more inclined to complete the tasks required to fulfill your dreams. How do you want your life to look? Use magazine cut outs to create it on a vision board. Make it any way you like. Just make sure you enjoy looking at it each day and that it inspires you!

Surround Yourself with Positivity and Like Minded People

Negative people will try to bring you down because they’re not doing what you’re doing. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you feel positive. Follow similar people across your social media accounts!

Do Amazing Things

Do amazing things that you never would have thought you’d do before. Imagine taking part in a charity boxing match, or taking a challenge with Mother Lode Sports. You’ll look back on these things and be so thankful you did them. You’ll never think ‘what if?’. 1

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Love Yourself

Getting your fitness journey started is one of the best ways to love yourself. Self love isn’t commonly practiced. Most people think negatively about themselves and let thoughts creep into their daily lives without realising it. Monitor your thoughts and practice only letting positive thoughts in. Compliment yourself and treat yourself like a friend. Know that getting fit and healthy is the best thing for you, and you’re worth it! You will learn to love exercise soon enough. Turn it into a habit and you’ll see. I hope you realise that you’re worth all of the time and effort it takes to get fit. It’ll be the best thing you ever do!  

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