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Forget about dull colourless winter clothes, it is time to embrace vibrant colours and stylish items for the summer of 2016. This season it is all about colours and textures. The trends suggest you should mix some retro vibes with comfortable modern outfits. So if you want to see some new styles then you better read on, and check out websites like for a little bit more inspiration if needed.

Shorts go shorter than ever

Even though we love wearing shorts, they can get even better! This year we are all into short shorts. All that working out in the gym will pay off once you get to see your lean leg muscles in the season's latest trend. There is no better cure for the sweltering heat that is just a couple of weeks ahead of us. Choose some neutral colour ones and pair them with a tropic print t-shirt and some all-white trainers and you will be good to go.

Bomber jacket is back


Retro vibes are all this summer is, so pick up a bomber jacket. You will look both urban and classy in no time! But be careful about patterns and colours. Do not overdo it. You will need to keep things simple, so use this jacket as your neutral colour canvas. A black bomber jacket is an absolute must this season. Once the nights get a bit chilly you will have something to keep you warm. Just go for some dark denim jeans and a white t-shirt and you will be picture perfect.

Wider than before

You can still look stylish even though you will be slouching behind your office keyboard during the summer of 2016. Go for wide trousers and be ready to mesmerize everyone around you. Choose some comfortable brown shoes to pair with a pair of navy wide-legged trousers. It is the best to turn to handmade leather if you want to invest in something long-lasting.

Over the moon about the overalls


If you are into comfortable clothes but still looking for something trendy, get a pair of overalls. They are really hot right now and there is nothing as comfy as they are. But be careful about the colour. Light denim is always a good choice. Do not even think about tropical print ones as you will most likely come across as looking like a parrot. Let the overalls be the pillars of your fashion taste, and if you want to look tropical, you can always go for such printed shirts.


White is the new black

Forget about dark trousers and get a pair of some white chinos. The white denim can be paired with some dusty brown leather shoes and a nice brown belt. Button down shirts are great to match if you are looking for a sophisticated outfit. Those willing to add a pop of colour, can pick up an anorak in yellow which is the latest trend. But, if you are into minimalism you can always go for an all-white outfit.

Do not forget about the accessories

When it comes to accessories, there is only one rule – do not overdo it. Go for some black aviators to be perfectly stylish. If bags are what you are thinking about, then choose a rucksack. This retro look will be perfect in any occasion. You can wear it every day, commuting to job and bringing a lot of things with you or even for a day trip. If you are into jewellery, opt for some green ones because it is the colour of the year.

In order to look super stylish during the summer of 2016 you will just have to take care of a few fashion tips. Go for retro vibes and match them with modern twists.

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