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Well if you didn’t make the trip down to Russia for the FIFA Confederations Cup then I hope you at least caught some of the action on T.V., otherwise you really missed out on some great chances to possibly win some good sports betting bucks! I mean who would have thought that a rather youthful, third-tier German team would be able to fend off the likes of fellow tournament favourites Chile and beat the likes of Portugal to the podium to be crowned champions of the precursor to the World Cup proper, next year.   All’s not lost however as you have quite a few options in summer sporting events to take your pick from and perhaps get more out of by placing your wagers.   Tennis fans in particular may have just missed out on the Wimbledon, but there’s still another grand slam to come in the form of the US Open, which gives you the perfect opportunity to put into effect a tennis betting strategy that will make sure you come away from watching the action satisfied, no matter the outcome of the tournament. What I like to do is place a bet against the player whom I’m rooting for to win their match so that if he or she loses then I still come away with something in the form of monetary winnings. If he or she wins then I’m still happy because that’s the player I support in any case and I want them to win!   Now obviously just how much one wins depends on how much you wagered on the odds given, but I like to spread things out and even wager what would seem like the practice of hedge betting to the trained eye.   Otherwise sporting wise the year is still young and there are lots more sporting events to attend this summer, including IAAF World Championships for those of you who are into athletics (Olympic Stadium, London), the UCI Road World Championships in Bergen, Norway for those who are into cycling, and the Presidents Cup (golf) – all of which events are to take place over the course of August to October, making for a packed summer sporting events calendar.

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