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Besides work and home, the car is where I spend the vast majority of my time. And, it’s fair to say that it can get a little too comfortable in there - so much so that you can get complacent. It’s at these moments when accidents are most likely to happen, as they often do on all roads throughout the country. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of gadgets out there that can make your car - and your driving - a lot safer. Today, I thought I’d go through some of them with you. So, if there’s a bad driver in your life, perhaps there’s a Christmas gift in here for them, to help them more likely to see next Christmas, too! OK, let’s get started. 5

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CarMD Diagnostic Device

It amazes me that so many of us drive these days, but hardly know a thing about cars. Whenever we have a problem, we tend to take it straight to the garage to get fixed, and wouldn’t know a spark plug from an oil filter. The problem is, by the time that you notice the problem, there’s a good chance that a lot of damages has already done. And, of course, when your car’s faulty, there’s more chance you’re going to have an accident. So, why not keep yourself ahead of the game by using this CarMD Diagnostic device. It will tell you exactly what’s wrong, and how much it will cost to get replacements.

Backup Car System

Is there anybody who is a fan of parallel parking? If so, I have yet to meet one. I’ve lost track of the times that I have given another car a little bump when trying to reverse into a tight space. Until, that is, I started using a camera system. They come as part of the dashboard on many newer cars, but if you drive an older vehicle, you can buy backup camera kits and install them yourself. Not only will they help you avoid bumping into other vehicles or bollards, but they’ll also help you park better in general.


Do you drink drive? Even if you think you don’t, there’s a good chance you have in the past. The alcohol level allowed to drive is very small. And, if you were to ask someone how much they can drink before getting behind the wheel, they’d probably tell you that a pint or two is fine. Well, it might be - but it also might be too much. There are many conditions where things can change your blood alcohol levels. For example, the strength of the drink you consume, and how much you have eaten spring to mind. So, think about getting the Breathometer. It connects to your smartphone and will register your blood alcohol levels, and also tell you when you will be safe to drive. It’s a handy little tool, cheap, and might just save your driver’s license one day.  


Finally, a look at the Handpresso. If you drive long distances for work, there are rules to say you have to stop for a rest every now and again. When you do, why not give yourself a shot of coffee to keep you more alert on the roads? The Handpresso will make one for you, via your cigarette lighter. Not only will it help you stay awake, but it should save you a fair amount of cash over the course of a year. How much are service station coffees these days? Well, I hope that’s given you some inspiration - and let me know if you have any safety-conscious gadgets in your car.  

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