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happens Man caves are those places where a man retreats to have some time with himself, away from his work, responsibilities and the daily stress. It's not a method of avoiding his life, it's a way of recharging his batteries and keeping himself in a good and operational mood. There is a misconception that only married men with children need a man cave. That's wrong and for two reasons. First, single men need distractions too. And second, people think that single men can have their whole house designed like a man cave, which is not good for the professional and social life. So keep your house a home and your garage a man cave. Here are the best examples of man caves. Garages den No matter if you are passionate about cars or not, your garage could be a great man cave. It's the place where only you know where everything is and you can organize them in your own way. The best garages for man caves will not double as a storage unit, so keep useless boxes out of it. Keep it clean, well-ventilated and invest in a good lighting system. And of course, you need wall decor or other pieces to add your unique personality to the space, so get something that matches your style. A custom neon sign from e-stores like Neon Filter ( could be the perfect way to display well-loved phrases or other designs. Sheds If you have a back yard and you have the space for some gardening, your shed will be a perfect man cave. But a man cave in a shed shouldn't be limited just to gardening. My personal favorite are wood working units installed in man caves. Woodworking is one of the manliest things to do and a great investment for your man cave. Pubs Using a pub as a man cave is pretty cool if you are the kind of man who can relax best around other men. Also, a lot of pubs offer cool features like Self Serve Beer taps these days. It would be a blast to hang out there with your friends. However, there may be times when your friends will have drinks and you won't be able too. There is nothing more annoying than hanging out sober with a group of friends who are drinking. So think twice before choosing a pub as your man cave. The fact that there are untold liters of beer and multi-bags of pork scratchings in the cellar there may sway your mind. In addition, you won't be able to go there every time you want. Log cabins tv This is for the men who like to take things to the next level. If you live around a mountain, a forest or a lake, then a log cabin could be a dream come true, whether he chooses big or small luxury log cabins. Nothing is more relaxing than taking a little time off and heading to your very own cabin, with a fireplace, hunting and fishing gear, and a front porch where you can drink your coffee in the morning. If you want your space to be the ideal man cave, you might want to build your own log cabin all by yourself. In addition, it might not be that hard as you can get log cabin kits readily available in the market. You will learn useful skills for the future in the process as well. On top of that, your man cave will have a higher sentimental value. These are just the most popular man cave locations, but basically, everything can be a man cave if you use your imagination. Even a chair in front of the TV can be a man cave, or a ‘den' as in America. The only thing that matters is to have a place you can call yours, and to do there whatever you want without being disturbed.

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