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  Do you like going outdoors and exploring the world? Do you want to feel the fresh air on your face and the earth beneath your feet? Are you looking for constant thrills and new experiences? If you are, then perhaps it’s time you became an adventurer! ‘Adventurer’ is a title given to someone who likes to travel around going on little adventures. From mountain climbing to kayaking, adventuring takes many forms. It’s all about getting a thrill, seeing the outdoors and having fun while you’re at it. Being an adventurer isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. It changes the way you perceive life and go about your daily business. If you want to get into the adventurer lifestyle, you’ll need to know what gear you’ll need. You can’t go on adventures dressed in a smart polo and chino shorts, you have to look the part. Also, that would just be impractical, rock climbing in chino shorts? Don’t be silly. So without further ado here are the must-have clothing items for every adventurer:


Choosing the right trousers is a big part of being an adventurer. You need something that can withstand friction, weather, and keep you comfortable. Lots of outdoor trousers are thermal, which means they keep you warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s warm. A good choice is something like ‘trekking trousers’ which are designed specifically for outdoor use. They’re manufactured for people who go on treks or hikes, so they’re highly durable - and comfortable too. 2

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As an adventurer, you’re going to be spending lots of time outdoors, in different conditions. So you need to have the right footwear to deal with the constant stress and weather. Without proper footwear, you run the risk of injury and also infection through water getting in. Get something durable and waterproof, yet still comfortable to wear. One option could be military footwear. The army demands you spend time walking in various tough conditions. So the footwear they wear needs to be up to scratch! You can see some of the best brown military boots by LOWA, if this is the type of footwear you want. Military boots are strong, waterproof and last a long time in any condition.


Usually, a good outdoor top is something that’s light and comfortable. Something that can keep you cool and doesn’t feel too constricted on your body. Popular choices include ‘compression’ shirts that fit close to your skin. They’re made to be comfortable but also practical as you have freedom of movement. Most sports manufacturers make tops like these and use technology to keep you cool.


Depending on where you are, you might need a jacket for your adventure. Particularly during extreme adventures, like snow trekking or mountain climbing. You need a thick, heavy jacket to protect you from the cold and prevent hypothermia. The jacket needs to be able to withstand high winds and other extreme weather conditions. In addition to these things, you should consider getting accessories too. Stuff like gloves, sunglasses, snow goggles, etc. Once you’re all geared up, you’re ready to become an adventurer!

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