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There’s nothing better than getting out in the great outdoors and exploring the wild. You breathe in the clean air and feel the wind in your hair. You explore new places and do things you’d never normally do. You might even try a few adventure sports. You’ll push yourself to your limits and test your endurance. If this sounds like your average weekend, then you need a vehicle that can handle it. A good adventure vehicle needs to be tough, reliable and love the off road terrain. We’ve put together a list of the timeless classics that can handle anything you throw at them.  

Range Rover Sport

  Land Rover are the undisputed grandfathers of the off road vehicle. Ever since the very first Discovery model, they have consistently produced great SUVs. Even when the 4x4 began infiltrating the family market and dominating the school run, Land Rover stuck to their roots. They still built vehicles that could handle the off-road terrain with power and precision. The Range Rover Sport is the best in class. The sheer range on offer is staggering too. Just look at to see the full range for yourself.  

Ford Pickup Truck

  The Ford Pickup is another classic. The symbol of the American heartland, the pickup truck is a true workhorse. It was built to handle the rough fields and dirt tracks of middle America. The newest models are stronger, more reliable and more powerful than ever. Surfers, adventurers and explorers love them, and with good reason. 6

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Jeep Cherokee

  Jeep are another manufacturer that understand how to build adventure vehicles. They are tough machines that can handle steep terrain, mud and snow. The Jeep Cherokee is the Bear Grylls of the car world. It will go further and push harder than most other vehicles out there.  

Mini Paceman S All4

  If you want to explore the outdoors, but don’t want a giant vehicle, this is your choice. The Mini Paceman is a good bit bigger than the typical Mini and it packs a punch too. The four wheel drive model is fast, powerful and tenacious. It’s scrappy and will fight up hills and power through difficult terrain. It’s the smallest car on this list, making it the most nimble and agile on rough ground.  

Toyota Landcruiser

  The Toyota is the third 4x4 on this list, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a powerhouse vehicle. Toyota take this car to the Australian outback to test it. Only when it performs faultlessly in this harsh and difficult terrain is taken to market. For this reason, it’s the best selling four wheel drive car in Australia. It will handle arid, dry and brutal conditions and tackle mountains, snow and mud too. Not only that, but it will take it all in its stride.   When it comes to adventure driving, you need a vehicle that can handle the terrain. You need a work horse that is up to the job. The cars on this list are savage, reliable and powerful. They’ll tackle anything you can throw at them. Get your hands on one and see what you can do!  

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