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Going on a camping trip is a great idea for some weekend entertainment. It’s so much fun to do with your family or friends!   The key to a successful camping trip is to be fully prepared. Here are some of the main things you should bring with you on your trip:

Food And Drink

It’s important you don’t forget to buy appropriate food and drink for your camping trip. Of course, there are some camp sites in the country that provide food on site, so check beforehand. But, more often than not, you’ll have to bring your own stuff if you want to eat and drink. Bring a good supply of food that will last you longer than the time you’re there for. Always bring more than enough food, just in case you need it. Also, bring water and any other drinks you want to sip on around a campfire. Remember that you should only bring food that’s suitable for camping. Either food you can eat raw, or food that doesn’t require lots of equipment to cook. If you bring something that needs to be microwaved, then you won’t be able to cook it because there’s no microwave, simple.

Emergency Supplies

You have to pack yourself a bunch of things in case of emergency. If something goes wrong, or not to plan, you need to have things to deal with it. Make a list of some emergency essentials that you should bring on your trip. Things like water filters, a first-aid kit and a flashlight. You should even look into getting an emergency beacon. Something you can shine in the air if you ever get lost. It sounds very 2015, but I’d suggest your smartphone is an emergency essential. If you get stranded, you can use it to call for help - if you have service. 1



Camping wouldn’t be camping if you forgot to bring a tent with you. Tents have evolved over the years; they used to come in just one variety. It was that classic little tent you see on TV shows or cartoons that could fit one to two people in. Now, you can get massive tents that are a lot stronger and can fit a whole family in! The key to picking the right tent is to go for one that suits your situation. If you know you’re going to be in a tent alone, probably doesn’t make sense to buy a huge one. Also, get one that’s easy to put up. This way, you won’t be spending hours trying to get your tent up and running.

Sleeping Gear

So you’ve packed your tent, but did you remember to pack some sleeping gear too? You must bring something to sleep on when you go camping. This could be a simple sleeping bag or even a blow-up air bed. Also, consider bringing some camping blankets with you. These are blankets designed to trap heat and keep you warm. Very useful for when you spend a night in the cold outdoors. If you don’t have the proper sleeping gear, then you’re going to end up having an uncomfortable night on the cold floor of your tent.  

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