Sports holidays have become exceptionally popular during the last few years. At the current time, thousands of people are waiting to head overseas for activities such as golf, climbing and more. For the purpose of this post today, we are going to focus on all the things you might need to pack for a running vacation. If your partner loves to get some exercise too, make sure they pack all the same items in their suitcase. Most people who opt for running holidays travel over to the US because of the sheer selection of routes. However, the decision on the destination is down to your personal preference. It’s just a good idea to travel in an organised group, so you make lots of new friends.

Running shoes and suitable clothing

If you have any sense, you will book a sporting holiday in a country that offers a better climate. That is especially important if you are a runner. So, you might have to head out and purchase some new equipment before your leaving date. At the very least, you are going to need some new t-shirts, shorts and running shoes. Asics runners are designed to offer all the support you could ever require. However, those of you with posture issues might like to get in touch with a chiropodist before the trip. You might need some specially designed insoles to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to your joints. 2

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Digital running equipment

These days, you can get some cool devices that give insights into your performance. While you might use a smartphone app like RunKeeper when you’re exercising at home, it is wise to go a little further for your trip. Pick up a heart rate monitor from your local sports store and you can check to see how you’re body is doing. Most of those devices will sound an alarm if you are working too hard. You might also want to pick up a Nike FuelBand or something similar. Just don’t forget your MP3 player and some headphones!

Sunscreen and sunblock

Depending on the temperatures in your chosen destination, you might need some protection. Those of you who tan well should opt for some high-factor sunscreen from your local chemist. Anyone who tends to burn in the sun should consider getting some sunblock. You’ll still get to feel the warmth on your body; it’s just that you won’t have to spend time in the hospital due to extreme burns and swelling. Remember, you should get out of the sun immediately if you begin to feel faint or uncomfortable. So long as you pack all those crucial items, the amount of money you have to spend on arrival should decrease. At the end of the day, you won’t enjoy your running trip without all the essentials we’ve just listed. When it comes to refreshments, you should simply purchase a bulk pack of water when you land. There is no point trying to bring bottled fluids in your luggage at the current time. Most airline staff are on high alert, and so doing so will only slow you down.  

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