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The stag do has been around for centuries - some think it originated around the time of the Spartans.   I wonder, then, what that noble warrior race that has become part of time immemorial would think if they set eyes on the sordid shenanigans that us modern folk get up to. Or what they would make of the term 'banter'.   So guys, please. Cease with the uncouthness. If you are selected as a best man, act as one. And follow this gentleman's guide to the stag do. 1

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Focus On An Activity

  Think about what the groom loves to do. Don't ask around for advice from the other guests. You know what they will come up with already.   Organise an activity that will get the adrenalin pumping and sate the needs of all that testosterone. Look into an adventure trip, a sporting weekend, or paintball or go-karting. Anything that will keep you away from the bar until at least 2pm.  

Collect Info

  Get all the information that you need and let everyone know. Plane flights, hotel names, activity centres - everything about where you are going and what you are doing.   You will need to organise buying the tickets for any events you plan on going to. Go direct to the activity centre and make your booking - they will usually accept a deposit.  

Collect Money

  If you are going to a live sports event, it may be a bit trickier. Firstly, it is hard to get tickets for a top-class match. And secondly, it’s expensive.   Let's say you want to go to the football but don't have a season ticket. Your only option would be to look into eBay or ticket sellers such as ticket4football. Your best bet is to collect funds from the guests first because otherwise you could be fronting a large amount of cash.

Plan Early

  Once you know what you want to do, plan your itinerary. It is your responsibility to work out a timetable of events and make sure things go smoothly.   Pack it full as much as you possibly can. The more activities you can squeeze in, the less opportunity there will be to act in a manner unbefitting of a valued member of society.  

Eat Dinner

  Dinner is the oft-forgotten aspect of the lads’ weekend away. In fact, I would go so far as to say that beyond a hearty breakfast, food is rarely mentioned at all. But it should be an essential part of your groom’s stag party.   Book somewhere suitable for dinner and tell the guests to prepare a few words each for the groom. It is an opportunity to congratulate them - and verbally flagellate them - in the most gentlemanly way possible.  

Drink & Be Merry

  And now you can drink. With a full stomach and in good spirits, you will be able to enjoy the evening without issue.   If you are keen to enjoy the more-popular late-night entertainments of the traditional stag do, it is perfectly acceptable to visit a casino. Just be careful that in your state of disrepair, you do not take too much money in with you.   And that, my friends, is how to be a real best man. With style, dignity, and decorum.

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