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The Volkswagen Golf is the original hatchback. It was the first to merge practicality with power when it introduced the GTI version. Since then, the VW Golf has featured in nearly every ‘best-of’ list at the end of the year. The 2014 version is no difference, showing up in countless top tens. This year’s Golf GTI is the best yet. Volkswagen have honed its perfect hot hatchback even further. Every year they make it just a little bit better. The GTI was originally out on its own in the market. No other manufacturer mixed the power and fun of a sportscar with the practicality of a hatchback. Recently the GTI has had to defend its position. The Ford ST is a valiant competitor. In fact, on paper, the Ford ST is a more impressive car. It has more power than the Golf. Yet, Ford haven’t quite mastered the art of fun in the same way VW have. Is it the best car released this year? Quite possibly.


The 2.0 litre turbo engine will produce 217 brake horsepower. It will hit 60mph in 6.5 seconds too. That’s a match for the Ford ST despite a lower bhp. Impressive. It switches between sensible little town car and sportscar in an instant. The noise from the exhaust is like nothing else of its size. This acceleration and handling makes it the most fun and speedy hatchback on the market.

Interior and practicality

Practicality is the VW Golf’s bread and butter. With the solid reliability of German engineering, the team at Volkswagen have crafted the perfect car. Even if you never take the car out of the city, you’ll love it. It is comfortable and quiet. It responds well to corners at low speeds. Plus, there’s a ton of room in the back and in the boot. Not only is it speedy and fun, it’s a great family car. VW have stepped up the gadgets and infotainment too. The touch screen dashboard and navigation is the type usually reserved for luxury saloons.

MPG and running costs

You might think that a car with such a powerful engine would burn through fuel. You’d be wrong. The Golf GTI turns in an impressive 47mpg. This makes it great around town, despite the hefty engine. Even when you open it up on the motorways, it’ll return great mileage. There’s a diesel version too. It’s less fun, but even more economical. The 2014 GTI comes with sophisticated safety features. That puts it five insurance brackets lower than before. How’s that for great running costs?


At around £27,000, the GTI certainly isn’t the cheapest hatchback on the market. Yet, it doesn’t claim to be. A few second hand models are already popping up on the market. Keep an eye on Motorline Direct for a used version. With Volkswagen, you do get value for money. The Golf GTI is far and away ahead of the competition and it’s worth every penny. All year, critics have struggled to find negatives in the 2014 Golf GTI. It is fun, powerful and practical. It is economical and reliable as a family car. Then you hit the throttle and you see the true power it has inside. With the 2014 Golf, Volkswagen continue the legacy and quite possibly built the best car of the year. 1

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