We all are aware that smoking can lead to serious illnesses including different types of cancers and heart disease. But there are also a number of less discussed benefits that could also motivate you to quit.   So stick on your patch, fill up your vaporizer with eliquid or choose whatever method works for you and read these benefits for the motivation you need to give up.  

  1. You will smell better

  The smell that clings to a smoker’s breath, hair, clothing, car and home is very unpleasant. But if you are a very heavy smoker, you may not even be aware of just how bad the smell is because you are so accustomed to it. Once you give up, and you smell a heavy smoker’s scent for the first time you will be very glad that your aroma has vastly improved.  
  1.  You will be more productive

  Let’s be honest. If you are a smoker, then you probably take longer or more frequent breaks at work than non-smokers. Say you have a five-minute break, five times each working day. That’s a total of two hours and five minutes a week that you have spent outside smoking. When you give up, you will have that two hours and five minutes to use more productively which may help you to achieve your work goals. 5

Image from Rupert Taylor-Price

  1. Your smile will look better

  Smoking causes various problems for your teeth and gums. It leads to stains, gum disease and even tooth loss. No matter how many dental appointments you make or whitening toothpaste you throw at the problem, if you continue to smoke, your teeth will continue to suffer. Once you have kicked the habit, visit your dentist for a scale and polish, and you’ll be amazed at how much better your smile looks.  
  1. Food will taste better

  The chemicals in cigarettes cause your taste buds to change shape and become flatter. This results in a dulled sense of taste. So, next time you tuck into your favorite dish, just think how much better it would taste with fully functioning taste buds.  
  1. You can wave goodbye to smoker’s cough

  Heavy smokers tend to have a particular cough that everyone recognises as a “smoker’s cough”. It’s both revolting and annoying for the smoker and those around him or her. The idea of finally being free of this irritating and embarrassing habit will, hopefully, prove to be an incentive for heavy smokers.  
  1. You can say adios to ashtrays

  Ashtrays look and smell awful. Not even people who still enjoy smoking like the part where they have to clean out a dirty ashtray. It’s time to realise that if it repulses you on the ashtray that imagine what it looks like on your insides.  
  1. You will look and feel better!

  When people are at the beginning of the challenge of quitting it all seems like doom and gloom. It is proven that once you have officially kicked the habit you will look and feel better than you did when you were smoking. So, try envisaging a healthier happier you whenever you feel at a low point.   Good luck!

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