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It’s somewhat of a romantic idea to think about the blissful life of a serial traveller who really lives out of a few bags, ideally just one bag for that matter. Is it really possible however, because when you come to think of it, one always comes back from a holiday or getaway with more luggage than they left with? There’s also a reason why you have all the possessions you have back home – they all contribute to making your life that much more comfortable, in whatever small or big way. So is it really possible then to live completely out of your bags, especially if you’re a backpacker-type who doesn’t necessarily want to have to come back home prior to going on your next travel adventure?

What goes into your travel bag?

The question of what goes into your travel bag should perhaps be preceded by the question of what type of bag you should travel with, in the first place. The bag itself need not be a burden, no matter how full or empty it is, so perhaps one which has wheels and can be pulled along the ground is fine, but it must also be able to double-up comfortably as a backpack or camping bag which can be easily worn on your back, over your shoulders.

As far as what goes into your travel bag goes, essential items that take up as little luggage real estate as possible are the order of the day. While you definitely still want to look good wherever you’re travelling to, this is not the time to go all out with your fashion sense. The sensibility should point more towards practicality, such as packing sweatshirts which are very versatile and function well in different weather conditions, along with something like quick-drying underwear, trousers, shorts, etc.

A good quality sleeping bag will do just as well since it essentially replaces the need to pack in big and bulky blankets, but what it also offers is some extra space inside to pack in some of your other items. If your travel plans include some camping, Oldrids. has some good camping equipment along with lots of other travel essentials which will complement the serial traveller’s lifestyle well. Some of the tents you can get these days fold up to a really small size – so small that if you didn’t unpack it and set it up yourself, you’d not believe it’s the same tent which fits right into your bag.

You can probably think of a million and one things you want to take along with you, despite your limited luggage real estate, but ultimately if you want to master the art of living out of your bags as a serial traveller, only the essentials will do.

Whenever the urge to pack more stuff in proves a bit too much to ignore, pack as if you were going to stay at a self-catering apartment, with some essentials you’d perhaps take along with you if you were to go camping.

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