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Sometimes, a car doesn’t need to be practical, fuel efficient or spacious. We just want sheer fun and excitement. That’s what cars were built for! There’s nothing better than that thrill of speed and acceleration under the bonnet. The throaty gurgle of the engine as you throw it around the corners. That’s the true beauty of driving. The good news is that you can find this fun in many of today’s affordable road cars. We’ve listed our favourites within your budget (and a few outside it!) Ford Fiesta ST - This little hot hatchback is generally considered the best hatchback on the planet right now. Although there is fierce competition from the VW Golf GTi, the Fiesta just pips it to the post. For sheer fun, there are few small cars that can match its power and acceleration. The best thing in this particular car is the handling. It’s so responsive and intuitive, it’s a whole new driving experience. You can even find a bargain on this car if you’re on a budget. 3

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Porsche 911 - We did say there may be one or two out of budget on the list! A brand new 911 certainly will set you back a pretty penny. However, it is possible to pick up a good value second hand model on a budget. The Porsche 911 has that undefinable brilliance and excitement. It’s so much fun, but we can’t put our finger on why. Of course, it’s fast and powerful, but so are others in its range. There is something bigger than all of this built into this car, and only 911 owners know that feeling. BMW X1 - Let’s take a look past the hatchbacks and the sportscars for a second. Fun isn’t always about speed and handling. Sometimes it’s all about size, weight and sheer power. That’s where the BMW X1 comes into its own. This is the perfect SUV or 4x4. It feels powerful and commanding to drive. After all, that is the essence of fun. Mini Cooper S - This is another plucky little hatchback with fun and excitement at its heart. Although it doesn’t perform as well as the Fiesta on paper, some claim it’s more fun to drive. You’ll have to decide for yourself! It certainly is an exciting little car to throw around the corners and nip around town. Subaru Impreza WRX - Again, this one may be outside your price range. However, it is simply too much fun to ignore. It has that classic rally car design and it still feels iconic just to look at it. Get behind the wheel and the engine roars like no other on the market. It is vicious, angry and perhaps the most exciting on this list. Mazda MX5 - This little sports car has become the gateway vehicle for most super car lovers. It is a budget sports car, yes, but it packs a serious punch in the fun department. The MX5 is seriously popular at used car dealers like Hilton Garage and you can easily pick up a bargain. They are generally considered one of the most fun small cars in the world. Try it for yourself. There you have it, folks. Thanks for reading our definitive list of the most fun cars on the planet. Let us know if we’ve missed your favourite from the list!  

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