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As the year draws to a close, we all begin to look back over the year. For car enthusiasts, that means picking our favourite cars of 2014. This argument will take place in pubs all across the country this Christmas. We’re here to set the debate in motion. 2014 has been a monster year for new motors. We’ve seen incredible new eco-technology delivered even in some SUVs. We’re making real progress in green driving.

Toyota have been leading the field in green technology. You can see for yourself at Similarly, there have been huge strides in the world of in-car technology. Digital and automated dashboards have become commonplace this year. However, none of that matters for this list. This list is all about what it’s like behind the wheel. That’s the true test of a car. How does it make you feel when you power it up and let it go? The following cars are the best and most exciting cars to drive in 2014.

Porsche Boxter and Cayman

In the rush to squeeze in as much technology as possible, cars have lost a little something. That raw, organic feeling of power and response. When you drive a sports car, like a Porsche, you want to feel like you are in control. You want to feel like you are making every perfect corner and powering the engine. Modern electronic driving has left us feeling detached from the driving experience. That’s why the Boxter and the Cayman are on this list. They have mastered the art of natural and organic feel in a powerful, modern car. Quite simply, they are the most fun cars to drive this year.

Audi A6

When it comes to saloon cars, the BMW 5 series has always been out there on its own. Audi and Mercedes have just clawed behind but unable to compete. In 2014, that all changed. Audi introduced the new A6. It is a true driving masterclass. Comfort, power, handling, reliability. Audi also have some of the most sophisticated in-car technology on the planet. It has everything.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

We’ve tried to include a range of cars across this list and that includes the smaller ones. Make no mistake, the Golf GTI deserves its place. The hatchback delivers every single year and 2014 is no different. In the Golf, Volkswagen have perfected the art of the small car. The GTI has the power and handling of a sports car. Yet, it has the practicality and fuel efficiency of a hatchback. It’s a truly brilliant car. The Ford Fiesta ST is a close second in the hatchbacks of 2014. It’s the Golf that wins out though for its sheer fun of driving.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The new Chevy Corvette has really stepped up its game in 2014. The previous Stingray was great. It had a top speed that rivaled the big guns. It had the engine power and the technology. However, they forgot to make it fun and they definitely forgot about the handling. The old Stingray was only at its best when you flung it around a track at top speed. For everyday driving, forget it. The new Stingray remedies that. It’s impeccable on the track and great on everyday roads too.

Well, that’s 2014 in cars. Let’s see what 2015 hold shall we?

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