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Amsterdam, in Holland, is one amazing place. It gets millions of visitors each year, for various reasons that I won't go straight into in the intro! However, you probably already know some things about Amsterdam that I could tell you. I bet you don't know the following, though!

25,000 Bikes End up In the Canals

Amsterdam is known for being a bike-friendly city. In fact, there are more bikes than people. But did you know 25,000 of those bikes end up in the canals? This is because people have a tendency to steal bikes and then abandon them. If you ever wonder why people in Amsterdam ride around on old-looking bikes, it's so they don't get stolen! Use the bike racks provided if you're worried about yours.

Amsterdam Has the World's Oldest Stock Exchange

Contrary to what many people think, it isn't London that has the world's oldest stock exchange. It's Amsterdam! It's been around since the 1600's!

Cannabis is Still Illegal outdoors in Amsterdam

Despite what people think cannabis is still illegal in Amsterdam. This probably goes against everything you've heard about it, so let me explain. You can still smoke your favourite type of marijuana, whether that be a gas mask strain or whatever you prefer - just not outside. While you can buy something to smoke in one of the ‘coffee shops', and smoke it inside, you can't do this outside of the coffee shops. Buying it or smoking it on the street is strictly illegal and there will be serious repercussions. So, in a nutshell, while you are indoors, you can indulge yourself in a pleasant smoke using glass bongs, dab rigs, or vaporizers. But while being outdoors, do not attempt at smoking! There are still many places to get cannabis in Amsterdam as it is legal to smoke privately. People still grow and produce cannabis with the help of seed to sale software. That ensures they can streamline all operations to make sure the cannabis is grown correctly.

Amsterdam is One of the Safest Cities to Visit

Amsterdam is well policed, and drug pushing is at an all time low. It's very unusual to get pickpocketed here too. Amsterdam has previously been named 1 of the 12 safest cities in the world. The hotels with Venere are in safe locations too.

Amsterdam Has More Museums Than Any City in the World

There are a grand total of 51 museums in Amsterdam, meaning it has more than any other city ever. You've probably heard of the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh museum, to name just a few.

There are 175 Nationalities

Amsterdam is very multicultural, with 50% of the population being foreigners. This means you can get some top notch ethnic cuisine here too!

Stray Cats Live on Boats

There's a special canal boat designed for stray and abandoned cats. You won't find them roaming the streets very often, but floating along the canal on their very own boat. 1


You Probably Won't See Many Cars

You'll barely see any cars driving around Amsterdam, as bikes are the main mode of transport. There's one busy street where you may spot a few, but everywhere else is completely calm.

There's a No Smoking Law

Although anybody over 18 can walk into a coffee shop, buy some cannabis and smoke it, you can't usually smoke tobacco there. You can only smoke tobacco in certain areas, so make sure you check this out before lighting up and getting into trouble. Well, did you know these things about Amsterdam? Thought not! Leave a comment if you have anything interesting to add. Bye for now!

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