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When you see photos of the arts shops that have the sips and painting events. you mostly see women in the photos. When you think of people strolling through art galleries and museums you probably think of women as well. In fact, the founder of Park West Gallery is a man, and it would seem he has a passion for art, and he's likely not the only man that loves art.

Art isn't just painting though. Artists can create things, paint, draw, take photographs, and even build things. Pretty much anything creative can fall into that artistic gap. What are your favorite creative things to do? Maybe building a cabinet or painting a mural.

Bob Ross

Not sure what it is, but guys love Bob Ross. This creative acrylic landscape painter may be long gone, but he is still inspiring people to paint, including men and women. He made it easy for people to become great painters with a few simple techniques.

He is an inspiration to men that may have thought landscape painting was more of a women's thing. There are plenty of men out there that paint, and once upon a time it was mainly men that did all the painting. Take your easel outside once you've picked up the technique and paint the nature you see around you.

It's Relaxing

Guys can find relaxation in art, and a great hobby that can work well for those that aren't into sports or outdoor activities. Creating pottery, doing glass blowing, and other types of hands on, fine art, are also relaxing and well suited to men that like to work with their hands. You could go to a gallery class or learn at home with online videos. Art has no right or wrong answers and websites like Landmark After Dark can provide inspiration for things you can paint if you're having a creative-lull. Just have fun with it!

Creating music is even a form of art, so men with musical abilities can enjoy the art of making music. Playing an instrument and even singing fit into that artistic ability and not everyone has a talent for it. It takes great talent to create music out of nothing.

Art Can Get You Out Into Nature

There are a few ways that art can get you out into nature, and for guys that love the great outdoors, being artistic outside can be relaxing and inspiring. Maybe you enjoy painting nature while you are in nature, or maybe you enjoy photography. Nature photography gets you closer to plants and animals. Having an eye for great photos isn't easy.

Another artistic endeavor that many men with a passion for the outdoors could enjoy his fly tying. This is definitely an art, creating flies of all shapes and colors that actually resemble bugs and will catch fish. It takes a keen eye and steady hands.

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