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When you're researching different types of legal proceedings, you'll often run across references to statutes of limitation. For different types of crimes or injury, you only have so long to present your case before a court. If you go past those limited time frames, the rules change as far as you getting compensation. Various types of court cases may require the services of specialized lawyers who possess the necessary experience to deal with them. A medical malpractice lawyer, for example, can assist with medical malpractice committed by healthcare professionals. Similarly, there are lawyers who specialize in maritime injury cases and physical and emotional harm. You need to talk to lawyers to figure out how to present your cases within them.

Maritime Injuries

Lots of people work on seagoing vessels. And because of the nature of the work, maritime injuries do occur. Due to different circumstances, if you're injured, you may not decide to immediately press charges or bring a suit to court. However, biding your time is not always the best idea if you're trying to get compensation from an employer or coworker for example. There is something known as the Jones Act statute of limitations which prevents you from going to trial if you wait too long to make your case.

Medical and Health Issues

When it comes to medical and health issues, the statutes of limitations can be quite long. Because health issues often crop up in the long term rather than the short term, courts and legal systems typically consider this. However, if you're trying to sue someone for an injury that happened 50 years ago and it's difficult to prove fault, you may run into legal implications where it's impossible to get compensation for what should rightly be yours.

Physical and Emotional Harm

There are situations where you can suffer from physical or emotional harm. Depending on if there is criminal activity involved, you may have different amounts of time to present your case in front of the court. Some criminal activities have no statute of limitations. Others can be quite short. These rules and regulations are set up to prevent court overload and prevent false accusations too far in the past.

Former Relationships

One of the reasons statutes of limitations are set up is to prevent people from dragging a past behavior in an unconventional or vengeful way past the time when consequences should be felt. For example, if you get angry at someone you had a relationship with 20 years ago, you may decide that you want to bring a court case against them. However, depending on the type of accusation that you make, statutes of limitations may protect them from your haphazard allegations.

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