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Everyone should make good use of their garage. You paid for it when you purchased your home, and so it doesn’t make sense to fill it with rubbish. There are lots of different things you could do with the room. It all comes down to your interests and your creativity. Today, we’re going to focus on turning it into somewhat of a man cave where you can retreat and gather your thoughts. The kids have their bedrooms, and your partner probably hogs the bathroom. So, you deserve a private area to call your own too.

Get lots of storage solutions

No matter what you do to your garage, you will still have to keep lots of tools in the room. To make sure they don’t get in your way, you need to invest in storage solutions. Garage storage products are not expensive, and many of them are made to order. You just need to provide the company with the correct measurements and let them know what you hope to achieve. With a bit of luck, you can hide all those unsightly items away and keep the floor space clear.

Buy a pool table

So long as you don’t have an especially small garage, it should be large enough for a pool table. There is nothing quite like chatting over a game or two when your friends come around to visit. In fact, they’ll probably turn up a lot more often when your garage design is complete. Those of you who live alone will find that a functional garage is a perfect addition to your bachelor pad. Just make sure you try to provide some form of heating. We all know how cold those rooms can become during the winter.

Hang a dartboard

Dartboards are not expensive, but they are a great way of passing the time. You could hold monthly tournaments with the guys if you wanted to make it a little more exciting. Just make sure you invest in a professional set of darts. It’s also wise to fit a wooden board to the wall behind your board. No matter how accurate you might be, sometimes darts will head in the wrong direction. In most instances, that would mean you get lots of small holes in the wall. However, when you’re playing in a garage, you are more likely to damage your darts.

Invest in neon signs

No man garage is complete without a set of neon signs. You might be surprised to learn that custom products are pretty expensive. So, you will have to save for a while to get the best results. Name your garage and get a personalized sign that looks fantastic. Maybe you could call it something like “Dave’s Pool Hall?” 5

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Now you know how to create a cool man-garage, there should be nothing stopping you from improving the room. At the end of the day, most people pay professionals to fix their cars these days. So, there is no need to keep the floor clear for repair work. While you will want some basic tools, you shouldn’t go overboard. If you simply don’t have enough room to store all your essentials, you might have to invest in a man shed. However, that’s a whole other article in itself.

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