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When it comes to personalities, there is no telling what kind you will be born with. It can be frustrating when your personality is holding you back when it comes to being able to strike up conversations with people. When you feel shy it can be hard to try to feel confident since you don't have the gusto to be able to walk up to just anyone and start talking. Being shy doesn't have to mean you aren't confident, however. Sometimes it just means that you have to know a few tricks in order to exude your belief in yourself even with your reserved personality. Here are some of the best ways to practice confident behavior if you start to feel your shyness creeping in.

Make Eye Contact

One of the best ways to communicate effectively is to make direct eye contact with someone. When you look directly into the eyes of someone then you are making the effort to connect beyond just words and allow someone to gaze into who you truly are. People who avoid eye contact come across as scared and inaccessible. At the end of the day, humans are not much different from wild animals in terms of establishing dominance. A passive and insecure gaze will potentially invite someone to dominate you.

Be Sincere

Although you are trying to force conversation which you aren't naturally inclined towards, it's still important to try to be as sincere as possible. When you manage to have a real and genuine conversation with someone, they will sense it.


Smiling can go a long way in terms of displaying confidence. A frown reads as insecure and unhappy, whereas a happy smile that is sincere will translate into a message of positivity. You will feel more approachable and more likely to connect with people that you engage with. If smiling doesn't come naturally to you, try to practice doing it. Some people may feel a little hesitant to smile because of the way their teeth are. Maybe they're crooked, maybe they're yellow, and so on. In that case, it might be a wise investment for them to try these midlothian cosmetic dental services and get teeth that exude positivity and confidence. Also, throughout the day, make an effort to smile when you catch your mind wandering.

Be Proud Of Your Accomplishments

It's important to acknowledge and feel proud of everything that you've accomplished in your life. When you are starting to doubt yourself, try to take into account all that you've done in your life that's let you up to this moment. Try to remember all the exams you passed with flying colors, the spelling bees that you won, the time that you got a promotion, or when you became a parent. When you start to replay your proudest moments in your life, it starts to transfer itself onto your attitude. As a result, you start to talk a little louder. Your shoulders roll back a little further. And you aren't quite as insecure as you start chatting with someone.

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