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Times have changed in the last 75 years or so. Men used to be the only ones who would work, especially in jobs that required any sort of manual or outdoor labor. Politics, and things of the sort were completely off limits to women, and to this day, men still occupy most of the CEO and top leadership positions in the world.

Ever since war came to the world and all of the men were required to fight overseas during WWII, women entered the workforce to fill the void that men left in their wake. Things since that point haven't been the same. Women refused to leave the workplace and have continued to make strides to obtain the rights they are entitled to as part of the human species.

With all of this being said, men still occupy a large portion of the labor force. There are good workers, there are bad workers, there are workers who get distracted, and there are workers that are more gifted at what it is they're doing than others. If you're having a hard time figuring out how to get more out of your male labor force, in particular, here are some things you can try doing:

Send in Spies

Men like mystery. Men like spy stories, right? One way to get more out of your workforce is to send in spies from the outside to evaluate your workers, determine the problems with productivity, and replicate your best workers. If you do it in a less obvious way, the men might not even catch on that this is happening, and they will be able to take direction better because their pride won't be hurt when they realize that they're being watched because they're not performing to standard. Keep the mystery alive, make it like a game, and performance will pick up.

Use Pokemon As Incentive

Seeing as Pokemon Go is such a huge trend as of late, the smartest business people will use it as a strategy. Figure out a way to use Pokemon Go as an incentive for your workers performing well. If you work in a sales based company, make it a thing that if your workers reach a certain number of sales, they get to use on the clock time to run around the building and collect Pokemon. People have already been using it as an incentive and it's been working for them. You can also use it to your advantage.

Have Enclosed Office Spaces

Many office spaces today are open and this can be a detriment to productivity, so office monster can help with their acoustic panels to remove distractions. Men get distracted just as easily as women do, and when there are a millions things happening, it's hard to focus and get things done. If you want more out of your male labor force, figure out a way to either enclose office spaces, or cut the noise and distraction within the office.

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