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Many of us find ourselves going through our day to day life experiences wishing we could be a happier person, but not really knowing where to start to get there.  

By focusing on what's going wrong in our lives instead of on what’s going right, we miss out on an opportunity to live in the moment and practice gratitude. Self-help author Rob Martin says, “Everything we encounter can have a positive influence in shaping our life when we adopt a lens of Gratitude.”

People who live happily and have an air of optimism tend to share the same habits.  Follow these tips for living an optimistic life, and you will find yourself feeling lighter and more content almost immediately.

Turn Negative Experiences Into Opportunities

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is taking an experience that is unpleasant or damaging, and transforming it into an experience that has molded you into the person you are today.

For example, a victim of domestic abuse can potentially use this trauma as a helping hand for fellow victims of abuse and gift them with their experience and compassion.  

This is also often a trait seen in drug and alcohol counselors, who were once victims of addiction themselves and now assist others in fighting the disease.

Keep a Smile On Your Face

Studies show that people who always have a smile on their face live happier lives and experience a greater sense of satisfaction in their day to day lives.  

It’s nearly impossible to get angry if you are smiling at someone, and even more impossible for someone to get angry with you if you are smiling.

By keeping a cheerful disposition, you are creating a positive environment for everyone in your company since positivity, much like negativity, is contagious.  Your face is your greatest exhibit of how you are feeling on the inside!

Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

If you are watching films that are depressing or full of violence and negativity, you might start to absorb that energy and start to incorporate those feelings into your own existence.

What you allow into your mental sphere is no different than what you eat.  By eating junk food and no fruits or vegetables your health will start to diminish.  The same goes for only allowing your mind to consume negativity.

Try listening to music which encourages positive vibrations, and has uplifting lyrics. The same goes for what you read.   Avoid gloom and doom articles and too much news.  

Additionally, only hang out with people that also want to live a positive life. If you are surrounded by people that apply an optimistic attitude, it will surely rub off on your and vice versa.  You will exist in perfect stereo of happiness and delight!

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