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The idea of moving can be a very exciting thing, but it can sometimes also be the worst news you could ever hear. Obviously this is completely dependant on the situation revolving around the move.

Maybe it's exciting because you're moving into a home that is 900 square feet larger than your current living establishment. It could also be exciting because you'll be upgrading to a home with 3 bathrooms, or you're moving to your dream home on the shores of the Mediterranean.

It could not be exciting or happy for many reasons, as well. Maybe you were forced out. It's been a tough year and it's too bad things couldn't have been different. If things are too sad to discuss, as being forced to move is no fun, let's talk about things you could do, whether the move is happy or sad, to make things easier on you during this unquestionably stressful time.

Plan Ahead: Pack Early

This can be a very tricky move and a hard one to facilitate. Often, life is very busy, and there is no telling what kinds of obstacles will arise at work or with the children or the extended family right at the time that you need to be packing up your belongings to move. One solution to lighten your load is to hire a skip bin online, which will come and collect the items you don't need when you move to your new home. Isn't it true that a new home means new beginnings? So why bother taking everything to your new home when you can lower the burden by half in the old place?

To make things easier for yourself when moving day is creeping up, have discipline in the packing department and get it done early. Realistically, you should plan your move out over 2 months to ensure that you get everything done in a time frame that will put the least amount of stress on you as possible. From there, plan out weekly tasks that will make moving day a piece of cake.

Get Help From Friends and Family

Often, friends and family are more than willing to help you out, especially on big days like this. Send out a moving request several weeks in advance and continue reminding those you have invited of the day of your move.

Having many hands on deck will make the whole day venture that you were planning on tackling by yourself, a couple of hour venture. Not to mention, it's way less stress on you physically then having to lift all those heavy boxes by yourself. Once the move is completed, throw a thank you party for everyone involved, or find other ways to say thank you to those who gave their day to help you out.

Label Where Things Are Going

This one will help to save you a lot of time and hassle of running around the house trying to find the thing you packed in that box, that is nowhere to be found when you need it. Upon packing, simply pick a method to clearly label each box "Kitchen", "Master Bath", "Living Room", etc. This will help you and the movers know where to place a box upon moving day, and you will have no trouble finding whatever it is you need to find when unpacking.

There are many other things you can be doing to make a move less stressful, but here are just a couple of those tips. Continue reading up and prepare for the big day. A little planning saves a lot of time and heartache in the end.

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