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Road trips are unquestionably one of the most exciting ways to travel.  Regardless of where your destination is or who you’re riding with, it’s an opportunity to have potentially one of the greatest adventures of your life.   Before you throw everything into your trunk and set off to be the next Thelma and Louise, it’s ideal to know the right tips in order to make sure it’s as perfect as possible.   Here are some of the best tips to get you started.  

Follow The Traffic Laws

  We get it; you’re excited to be on vacation!  That doesn’t make you exempt from the rules, however.  Don’t get caught up in feeling too free and getting yourself into trouble. Even if you’re in a rural area; there could be a traffic officer just around the corner waiting to catch you speeding.   The last thing you want on your vacation is to get a traffic violation which could potentially cost you hundreds.  Do yourself a favor and drive carefully.  

Get a Reliable Car

  The type of car you should use will ultimately depend on your destination.  If you’re in the mountains, you’ll want something with four-wheel drive, while if you’re driving along the coast, you’ll probably want something with the top down.   Above all, the most important quality that your car should have is being reliable.  Breaking down on the side of the road is no one’s idea of a fun experience. Make sure that you get the green light from your mechanic before taking off.  Otherwise, you should consider renting a car.  

Bring Plenty Of Music

  There will be moments during your trip when you drive for long lengths without much to see.  Music is a great way to stay entertained and keep your mind entertained in the process.   Consider downloading a few playlists before you hit the road so that you have a wide selection of some of your favorite tunes.  You may want to bring along some audiobooks as well in case you’re traveling solo and lack conversation.  

Google Maps

  Once upon a time, you had to purchase an expensive GPS in order to navigate on your trip without the use of a paper map.  However, now through the power of smartphones, everyone can get around using google maps.   It’s a free application which can provide directions based on the best route in order to avoid traffic or meet any other conditions you opt for.  In order to keep your eyes on the road, you can opt for voice directions.   You should still carry a paper map, however, in case your connection drops. It’s always important to know that you’ve got a backup.