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We all want to get out there on the open road. There’s nothing like the freedom of going wherever you want, whenever you want. Most of us choose cars, but a motorbike is an alternative that suits many people down to the ground. If you’re not sure if driving around on two wheels is for you, then never fear. Here’s our guide on what to consider before jumping on a motorbike.

Can you afford it?

Bikes aren’t cheap. They come with a wide array of added costs that other modes of transport do not. The insurance premiums on motorbikes can skyrocket if you don’t lock them up in the garage during the night. That’s because bikes are a lot easier to steal than cars. Imagine trying to drag a four-door hatchback down the street! You’ll also need to buy a lot of safety gear. Bikes can be dangerous. There’s a higher risk of an accident for motorcyclists than other road users. It’s worth investing in safety equipment - helmet, gloves, jacket, trousers and boots. These items are critical but if the costs don't add up, you might not be able to ride a bike.

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Will you be confident on your vehicle?

It’s important to remember that bikes are dangerous vehicles. It’s easy to get hurt or even killed on a motorbike. Before you decide to ride, you need to be sure that you’ll feel safe out there on the open road. Nobody wants an overconfident biker, of course, but you need to feel secure. Do you think you can handle the dangers of motorcycling? Caution can lead to a mistake, which can cause a nasty crash. Ensure that you’re 100% certain that biking is for you. That way, there’ll be a lower chance that you’ll make a silly mistake or take a stupid risk. Lives are in jeopardy when someone who shouldn’t be on the road gets out there anyhow. Don’t be that idiot - be sure.

Do you live the biker lifestyle?

I’m not talking about gangs of Hell’s Angels or anything like that. You don’t need to look like the Lone Biker of the Apocalypse from Raising Arizona. What’s important to consider is whether a motorbike is a practical vehicle for your needs. Let’s say you’re a single guy or girl who needs to get across a busy city. A bike sounds like the perfect fit for you. What about a middle-aged man with three kids and an executive job? He’s not such a good candidate for the two-wheeled life. These considerations matter because you don’t want to make the wrong decision. The chance to be Steve McQueen might entice you, but that life can’t suit everybody. Don’t let the love of bikes blind you to the realities of your transport needs. I hope that you’re a little clearer on whether the bike is right for you. If you are, then head straight for a motorcycle test website and get ready to ride! Enjoy the open road - but don’t forget to stay safe.


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