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In some cultures, there's an unfortunate connection between the masculine idea of strength, and the need to get help in certain areas of life. All people, regardless of gender, go through times when they need help - professional help, personal help, help with things they don't or can't understand. But especially within some cultures, it's seen as a weakness to desire help, instead of a fast track to a better life.

So if you're under the impression that you're too tough to need help, just sit back and meditate for a moment, and research things like the 12-step program, the benefits of talking to a counselor, how to use gadgets to help adjust bad habits, getting help from your partners, and using your family support structure.

Research the 12 Steps

If your problem is more associated with drugs or alcohol, by starting the 12 steps, you'll be joining one of the activities that's helped more people than could ever be imagined. This systematic approach to getting help by admitting powerlessness over certain behaviors has freed many people from cycles of long-term damage, all within a safe and supportive environment.

Talk To a Counselor

And there are professional helpers - they're called counselors or psychologists. There doesn't have to be anything wrong with you when you choose to seek out someone to talk to. Rather than bottling feelings and thoughts under the guise of power and masculinity, finding someone that can explain to you what you're going through can, once again, release you from a lifetime of anxiety, depressing, and a possibly extremely unsatisfying life.

Use Your Gadgets

And most likely, you have a mobile phone or a tablet. Are you aware there are mental health apps to install? Tons of them! And there's a pretty strong degree of personalization available as well. So if you're stuck in tough guy attitude without wanting to seek help publicly, the least you can do it try to get help privately through the use of very specific app choices on your phone.

Get Help From Your Partner

Old attitudes regarding the relationship between masculinity and power in relationships are often unfortunate. Men are expected to take care of things without needing support, and that can sometimes put strains on relationships that seem to come from nowhere. By being open with your partner, the discussions you have will allow a greater sense of communication and connection to follow.

Use Your Family Support

And whether you like your family or not, they're nearly always going to be there to help you. Since they know your childhood, and your adult struggles, and your preferences, they'll have insight into the things that they can do to help you work through nearly any kind of life situations.


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