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When it comes to entertaining children, this can be quite a significant challenge as they are normally full of energy. There are lots of different fun family activities that you can partake in at very low costs that can keep children entertained. There are plenty of indoor activities for those wet and windy days such as arts and crafts, indoor picnic, puzzles, board games or even learning. Perhaps you could try a little research project together by attempting to create your family tree (click for info). But depending on the time of the year and if the weather conditions are good, there are a lot of activities that can be outdoors making it even more enjoyable. Below are some of these activities:


Heading on down to the local leisure centre and jumping into the pool can be a lot of fun for children. Not all children immediately take to the water however if they have a fear of this, it is something that you should try to get them to overcome. In your local swimming baths there will generally be the lessons for children to help get them familiar with the water and teach them the basics. This is not only a safe environment for them to learn but can also be a lot of fun for them. When confident in the water there is also things such as flumes or waves that are really enjoyable for the kids. A lot of leisure centres across the country also give special prices for families and may even have specific mornings dedicated to children so they can jump into the pools without disturbing others

Bubble Blowing

Sounds really simple but children blowing bubbles can be really entertaining (both for them and for us to watch). This is really a cheap option and can keep them going for many hours. Taking them outdoors to do this along with other kids where they can chase the bubbles in the wind is amusing.


Outdoors is what kids love, and taking them to a park or a kids activity centre can really get their energy up. A lot of modern parks nowadays, have lots to do to keep children occupied from slides, swings and chutes. Even if the park does not have these sort of things you can always just find a field and get a football or similar that can keep the kids occupied.


Along with going to the park, you may wish to go cycling with the family. Taking the bikes to the park may be the problem if you don't have a vehicle that can transport them. Bike racks on cars are not particularly expensive though therefore could be an option. In addition to this, some parks and places like Pelican Cruiser allow you to hire bikes for you and the family at reasonable rates taking the hassle away from transporting, also there is a Pelican Cruiser trail map to help your family to navigate the best routes for your family day out. Ensure that you put the safety of everyone first and use helmets.


At your local cinema there is almost guaranteed to be a film or two dedicated specifically for children. This is not an expensive activity and you can sometimes get family ticket deals. Animated films nowadays sometimes have an element of adult humour incorporated into it therefore not only will the children enjoy, normally the adults will also.

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