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Modern individuals love to stay young, and more importantly, look young for as long as possible.  The complimentary circumstance is that plastic surgery options are becoming more and more convenient as technology and medicine progress.     Minimal aesthetic procedures like Botox, face peels, and fillers are on the rise, but there will always be room for a great boob job in the industry.  If you’re considering how you might enhance your vessel, check out what everyone else is into this year.   Here is a brief look at five of the most popular plastic surgery trends of 2018.    

Boob jobs for everyone

  Breast augmentation dominates the top of this list year after year after year.  Last year, there were an estimated 300,378 boob jobs done in the United States alone.  Cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation are also much more affordable than years past.     The world’s fascination with size, shape, and overall stature of breasts is unwavering.  The medical community is not soon to suffer a shortage of bookings in this department.   Breast augmentation does not only account for the women who wish to have larger breasts.  Not every woman has a dream of increasing their cup size. There was an increase in the number of breast reduction surgeries in 2016, according to the ASPS.  

Liposuction defines the body

  The relative convenience of liposuction makes is one of the most popular add-ons for those who are already under the proverbial knife.  Patients commonly schedule several small procedures alongside a major surgery to lessen overall recovery time.   Last year saw more than 245,000 liposuction procedures, and that number was five percent higher than the prior year’s total.  

Rhinoplasty for your nose

  Getting a nose job is extremely common among Hollywood stars, and popular culture has followed suit.  Over 200,000 nose jobs were performed last year, and this year’s total is already looking promising for those who profit from the industry.    

Tummy tuck procedures

  Women are most likely to indulge in a tummy tuck procedure this year.  Abdominoplasty consists of removing the excess fat and skin around the abdomen of the patient for a more flattened and toned look to the stomach.  Last year, nearly 130,000 abdominoplasty procedures were performed.  

Butt lifts are growing in popularity

  The days of the big, lucious bottom are at hand, and plastic surgeons are in the industry to please.  Culture waxes and wanes on its idea of surface-level beauty, and it just so happens that big butts are in once again.     Sir Mix-A-Lot expressed his love for “big butts” in the ‘90s, and his passion has now become a plastic surgery phenomenon.  More than 120,000 bottom lifts were performed last year, and this year may set a new record.  

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