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Sometimes it's challenging to find the most up to date and reliable sports news. You think your team might be doing well, but you can't be sure. Every site says something different! You shouldn't have to live in such confusion when it comes to your love for sports. It's just not fair. If you're one of the many that struggle to find the truth about your favorite sport teams, then you've stumbled upon a gold mine. Here is a quick directory of the top five most reliable places to find your sports news. Alternatively, if you want a combination of sports news and placing a bet, then you may want to check out websites like to get a double dose of what you need. Read on to see my compiled catalogue about other places you can go to get your fix. You're welcome.

Our old friend the newspaper

Now, obviously, you can't travel all over the country collecting newspapers from your chosen team's home city. The internet is a proper solution to that issue. You can easily find the local newspaper online for free from almost any location. You can also look around for the school's sports news sections if you're following college sports. Local word is usually the most reliable source of information. So do a little newspaper research.

Yahoo sports section

The Yahoo sports page is quick, fast, and in a hurry about providing the latest news in a wide array of sports. If you just want to do a quick look at the score while you're working, Yahoo will help you out with that venture. They run a list of scores along the top of the page for ease of access to all the numbers you need. It's worth checking out, for sure, if you haven't ever used Yahoo for a sports reference.

Bleacher Report will suffice your needs

With an even more functional interactive score card at the top of their website's home page, is a fine example of information overload. Their layout is every sport junky's dream. They literally have everything you could possibly be searching for. You can purchase tickets, watch highlight videos, and sign up for exclusive email info perks.

ESPN is a given you should know

If you haven't checked out the ESPN sports website, then you should just go home. You can't possibly be a true sports fan. ESPN is the number one place to go for any type of sports information. They don't have like six channels in different languages and a website for nothing. They're solid. is the place you want to go to find out the inside truth about scams, bribes, and bad behavior in all types of sports arenas. If you are a bottom line kind of person, then this site will suffice your thirst for information. Though they don't keep you up to date on the scores and such, they keep you informed when it comes to the gossip and news involved in the sports world.

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