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Traveling is always an exciting prospect, regardless of where you are off to next - it’s always an adventure. They say the journey is as good as your destination while opinion on that may differ on that there is no doubting what can make it a nightmare: luggage. If you are carrying too much, you are in for a logistical nightmare however you decide to travel. Aside from what to take, you also need to consider how you will take it. If you are going away somewhere and you are looking for practical packing advice, you are in the right place!  

Divide and conquer!

There is one basic rule when it comes to making sure everything will fit in your bags. When you have everything spread out ready to be packed away cut it in half. If it sounds a little harsh, it’s for your back’s own good. When performing the cull, decide what you will need and use. Choose comfortable clothing and footwear, as well things that will make you look good on the beach.  

Think about the what and the where

Have a good think about the activities that you might be getting up to on your breakaway. Now think about the clothes and equipment. Yes, equipment. If you are heading somewhere you know there is a boat but no other equipment, you can’t take it with you. What you could do is see if there any wakeboards for sale, for instance, that could be delivered to your destination. This may not be ideal in all situations, but you will be surprised at what can be achieved.  

Take your shoes and bury them

Not because they are getting a bit ripe, but it is important to fill out your bag properly. Put your footwear at the bottom of the bag, and surround them with socks and other smaller items.  

If it will be rolled, then roll it

Whatever clothing items can be rolled, you need to roll them. This will help keep creases at bay. Rolling clothes can sometimes mean being able to fit more into your bags. If anything must remain in shape, anything tailored made for you, for example, should be turned inside out. If you tuck the sleeves in too, then it will stay in the best shape possible - just don’t expect any miracles.  

The weather might always be bright, keep that in mind

Pack some warm clothes too, just in case of colder weather. Remember that summer nights can get fairly cool no matter where you holiday. A couple of thick jumpers will do the trick usually. Apart from being ultra comfy they are also versatile and packing them is a breeze. While you are packing your jumpers away, how about throwing some scarves in there too for extra warmth? Scarves are the Swiss Army Knives of clothing - there is more to them than slipping around your neck. You can sit on them on the beach to keep your bottom from burning on the sand, put them around your waist to keep exposed skin cool on your way to shade. You can even throw a scarf over your shoulders to protect them from the searing sun. Remember essentials like suntan lotion too, and you won’t go far wrong. Just don’t forget your passport!

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