Summer is the time of the year that everybody waits in anticipation for. For children, it's the best time to ever exist, for women, it's either the time where they're excited to spend time on the beach working on their tan, or it's the time they dread because no matter what they do, they're never swimsuit ready, and for men, summer is the time that welcomes a lot of barbecuing and beer.

Summer means different things to different people, but with the children being home, the windows being open to let in the cool summer night air, and the constant tracking in of dirt from spending so much time going inside back to the outdoors, the house can tend to get a bit messy, and the cleaning that gets done during the spring or cold winter months gets neglected because the sun is a visitor that doesn't stay for long.

Here are tricks for keeping the house in order during the summer months:

Mind Your Plumbing

Housework is the last thing anybody wants to be thinking about during the warm months, but it's something that has to be thought about. Your plumbing is important year round, but during the summer, there are a host of factors being introduced to the plumbing that you have to watch out for.

For one, if you live on or near a beach, sand is getting into pipes and this is a huge problem. Be mindful of things like rocks, dirt, sand, and obviously things the little ones might be flushing down the toilet when you're not paying too much attention. If you're aware, you'll be able to enjoy your summer without any plumbing problems in sight. Should something happen to go wrong, however, you can always call someone like Boulden Brothers (for a plumber near Delaware) to come out and fix the problem so you can get back to enjoying summer.

Have A Shoes Off in the House Rule

If you want to make summer housework life easier for you, the simplest thing you can do is have a shoes off in the house rule. You're running about all day, everybody is tracking dirt, grass, sand rocks, and a load of other things into the house.

This makes things dirty so quickly and it creates a lot of work for you that could have been avoided. If you want to enjoy the sun, make everybody take their shoes off before entering the house. To make things even easier, buy everybody slip on shoes that allow these deed to be accomplished faster. This way, there will be no complaining, and the dirt will for the most part, stay outside where it belongs.

Spend As Much Time Away As Possible

In the end, if you don't want to do housework, you could just spend as much of your summer away from the house as possible. No people tracking in dirt and soiling the toilets, showers and linens means no housework. It's your time to vacation. You work all year for it. If you don't physically go someplace else, just spend all day every day at the beach. That way, the house is still untouched.

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