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Many homes have a spare room. Unfortunately, a lot of them go to waste. What's the point in kitting it out as a bedroom when you only have guests stay over once every six months? The waste of space is made even worse by the fact most homeowners wish they had more space to relax after a hard day's work. Grab your spare room back by turning it into the ultimate den for leisure and your home life will soon feel a lot brighter. Here's how you can transform your room into something truly spectacular. 2


Embrace Tech

There is no denying that our lives have become dominated by gadgets and technology. While there are a number of cons to our recent habits, the benefits they can bring to our homes are almost endless. It doesn't matter whether you are into films, live sport, or playing video games. A quality TV is essential for any room designed for leisure. This can quickly become the centre of your entertainment needs, even when you've got friends over. Gadgets are designed to make our lives easier and more fun. Not incorporating them into your leisure spot would be criminal.

Comfortable Seating

Sometimes the best form of relaxation can be to sit back and do nothing. We all have moments where we'd love to lay back and be left with our thoughts. The spare room is the perfect place to achieve this, but only if you've invested in the right seating. Different people will prefer varying furniture types. Recliners are always a great option for those wanting a little extra versatility. Moreover, you could also invest in giant beanbags to increase your options. Comfort is a key component of any room. If you can't relax, then it defeats the purpose of the room.

Don't Clutter It

It can be tempting to fill the room with loads of different entertainment products. However, it's very difficult to relax in a room that makes you feel claustrophobic. Your best bet is to prioritise what you want from the room and sacrifice luxury items that you'll never use. 3


Everyone loves playing on the air hockey tables at the arcades. But are you going to use it on a regular basis at home? Can you genuinely justify the cost and amount of space it will consume? If the answer is no, leave it. If you just want somewhere to relax, a minimalist approach is the best choice. As strange as it sounds, you can have too much. It's better to have two things you enjoy than 10 that you don't. Think about that when arranging the room.

Celebrate Your Passion

Enjoyment often comes from thinking about our hobbies. What is a new relaxation spot in your home if it isn't for doing your favourite things in? Maybe this new space is for playing video games or maybe kicking back and smoking your favorite strain of cannabis (you can click here to see more on that)! The spare room is a great way to celebrate these things, especially if it is to become your special retreat. Buying items from a sports memorabilia auction will tick this box emphatically. Moreover, it adds a unique flavour to the room that will add another sense of comfort to the space. You can combine these with photos of you partaking in the hobby yourself. Tailoring a property to reflect your personality is often the key to making a house a home. Don't forget it.  

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