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So, you finally decided to grow up eh? Well good for you! We presume that you already have that special someone you want to spend the rest of your days with, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Now, if you've decided to pop the big question, but you are still not sure how to do it right, get comfortable, grab pen and paper and start taking notes.

Honey, I could really use your help!

If you want to catch your partner off guard and make sure they don't suspect a thing you need to pay attention to a couple of things first. Make sure the day the only word you want to hear is "yes" is not a big day, meaning you should avoid anniversaries, birthdays, national holidays – you get the picture. Second, you should wait for your partner to come home from work, eat lunch, take a shower and go lie down a bit. As soon as they get all comfy, ask them to come help you out (with anything, really; the important thing here is to get them just a bit pissed off they have to get up). When they come running to your aid, make sure you've set the scene: for a more romantic option you can go all champagne-roses-balloons-candles crazy, but keep in mind that this will tip them off before you actually get the chance to get down on one knee; for maximum surprise, you can pretend that you really do need help with something, e.g. opening the cookie jar, and ask them to do it for you. Sure, they will become a bit suspicious, but they most certainly won't expect that ring sitting on top of those cookies!  

Nerd love

If you are both nerds, and especially if you are a part of the same fandom, things have never been easier. You can take your spouse-to-be to a themed amusement park or a Comic-Con and pop the question there, but this is definitely not the most original idea. Not that it won't work or that it won't be special, we just think you should be a bit more creative. Game of Thrones is all the rage now so why not, instead of an engagement ring, go for a "My sun and stars/The moon of my life" necklace for two? If your partner is a fan of good old video games, you can buy her a Sonic the Hedgehog doll. Before you set everything up, make sure to browse engagement rings and find the perfect one. Once you do, put the ring in a nice, small bag or a decorative box, and put that in Sonic the Hedgehog doll's hands. Add a tag that says: "I've collected many rings, but this one is special". Watch as she slowly realizes what's going on and prepare for some kisses. Just please, whatever you do, don't even think about carving their favorite book and hiding the ring inside. A true nerd would never commit such a monstrosity.  

Boo! I love you!

Even though we've advised you against hogging big dates for this special event, we must admit there are some that can be perfect for a unique proposal. Take Halloween for example: you can take your partner to a "haunted" house, but before you do that make sure to decorate the house with Jack-o'-lanterns, rose petals and other romantic (but themed) ornaments. Instead of hanging the "Happy Halloween" garland, you can make a black-orange version of the "Will you marry me?" one. If you, on the other hand, wish to stay more in the scary spirit, you can take your SO to a corn maze. Ask a friend to help you out. They can either follow the two of you without raising suspicion, or they can be waiting for you somewhere in the maze; either way, they should suddenly jump in front of you (or behind you) and yell "Hey, you! Will you marry my friend?" with an engagement ring in their hands. This will definitely make your partner's heart skip a beat, but you can expect tons of laughs and a definite "yes" once they come around.  

Girls can propose, too!

There are numerous ways you can propose to your partner from kinky surprises we won't discuss (Come on! We are sure you've already got some ideas!) to funny or quirky dates. However, men usually don't get engagement rings. So choose a thoughtful engagement ring from or your local jewelry store, that you think will suit your partner best. You are probably already familiar with the "hiding the ring in food" trick, so you can go for that, but with a little twist. Order some pizza, onion rings, and fries, and make sure you get enough beer because that's the male version of the bubbly. Drop to one knee and, while holding the onion ring in your hands, pop the question.


These were just some amazing, unique ideas you can go for. And if you choose to go with any of them, don't worry, we won't tell anyone you read about them here.

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