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Have you ever considered visiting Spain's capital, Barcelona? If you have not, you are definitely missing out on one of the most unique cities in the world. This beautiful and bustling city is packed full of culture, innovation, and a little bit of class all rolled into one magnificent historic city. For many visitors to Spain and Barcelona, sightseeing during their holiday there is always at least a little bit of interest. If you have never visited the city before, then the best way to experience it is by taking a walking tour through Barcelona. The majority of these tours are organised by individual artists who get to know the city by walking through it. Whilst this can be an incredibly educational activity for children, it is also a great way for those who wish to simply admire some of the wonderful artwork that adorns the walls. Additionally, if you are planning to spend your holiday here, you may as well try and see as much art as possible! Barcelona has been a home to many famous painters, writers and musicians throughout the ages. Famous graffiti artists from Spain are named Rufus Gloster and Alberti Carvani. Barcelona is also home to many world-class architects, whose names you are likely to have heard of through your travels. Some of these include Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid. The incredible history of this city will soon unfold as you read about it below... Barcelona is home to many great art galleries and museums. Some of the most famous include the Gaudi Museum, which is dedicated to Barcelona's most famous artist, Gaudi. Barcelona's modern art scene is also reflected in many modern art galleries and museums, which are situated throughout the city. These are fantastic places to go if you wish to look at contemporary art and have a wide array of subjects to choose from. As already mentioned, Barcelona boasts a fantastic selection of art galleries and museums. These are ideal if you are looking for unique or unusual works of art and are based throughout the city. There are many dedicated art galleries in Barcelona which focus on new and exclusive works of local and international artists. Many of these are located within walking distance of the centre of the city and there are often shows going on all the time. Visiting these galleries is not only a great way to see some of the best artwork that Barcelona has to offer, but is also a great way to get a real insight into the culture and history of Barcelona. Barcelona is a fantastic city for anyone who loves art and culture. The vibrant nightlife and buzzing central area are very popular with visitors, as are the beaches, parks and buildings. If you are interested in art and culture, you will not be disappointed by the city. As the second most populated city in Spain after Madrid, there are a vast number of art galleries and museums in Barcelona which are all available to see. You should make sure that you plan your vacation so that you can spend time in Barcelona, as it is an absolute must-see city.