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When you work all week, the weekends are a breath of fresh air. It's time for you to relax and have a little bit of fun too. However, sometimes weekends don't go as planned. In the sense that, sometimes you have no plans. Having no plans can mean your weekend is boring, and before you know it, it's back to work.   If only there was a way for you to always have something to do on the weekend. Something for you to look forward too and enjoy. Lucky for you, I have many ideas for things you can do/buy to guarantee your weekends are fun. 5


Buy A Boat!

Take to the seas and buy yourself a boat! Yes, they can be a tad expensive, but it's a luxury investment. And when you can learn how to easily finance a new boat (by searching online with keywords like financing my boat), then why be carried away by the overwhelming thoughts of purchasing it? Remember that boats can bring you days of fun in multiple ways. You can take your boat out to see and enjoy a nice sail around the coast. Or, you can go fishing on your boat and relax on a Saturday afternoon. You could even spend time on the weekends just maintaining and looking after your boat. Giving it a good clean and tidying up the paint job, it's surprisingly fun to do! Don't be stupid, though, you'll need special paint if you want to paint your boat. If you click here you'll find some paint suitable for your new boat.   Buying a boat will be the best decision you ever made. Wave goodbye to boring weekends, and say hello to fun! 6

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Get A Kit Car

Kit cars are a wonderful way to fill your weekends with fun activities. What makes them so great is that they can bring you everlasting fun. You have the enjoyable assembly phase of a kit car. Those few months you spend building the car and putting all the pieces together. Then, you can take it out for a drive and zoom around. Kit cars are great weekend drivers and perfect to take to an auto show or car meetup.   You could always buy yourself a little weekend car to have some fun in - but kit cars are better! The fact you get to assemble the car just makes it way more enjoyable when you drive it. 7

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Join A Sports Team

Weekends are usually dedicated to sports. No doubt you've spent many hours on the sofa watching the football or rugby all weekend. If sports are your thing then why not join a team? Playing for a team means you'll have something to do every weekend without fail. You'll have the matches to play and then the team social afterwards. What's better than a kick about followed by a burger and a pint? Nothing, that's what.   Plus, joining a sports team means you'll be getting a little health kick too. You can work on your fitness and make sure you're staying in shape. Also, football on a Saturday will leave you proper tired on a Sunday. You may think this is bad, but it's not! Everyone knows Sundays are a day of rest and spending valuable time with your sofa and TV.  

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