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You and every other person who lives in a climate that experiences something close to the 4 seasons is more ready than ever to have the summer weather return. Spring is starting to show its budding flowers, and the skies feature the sun that has been MIA for the last 6 months, but it’s not always sunny in Philadelphia. The rain clouds loom overhead about half the time still, pouring down water that will pave the way for green pastures come warmer weather.

As you sit and dream of what could be, you don’t have to be idle in your wishing for summer nights. Plan ahead to make sure that your time spent in the sun is used to the greatest capacity it can be used. Here are ways to amp up the entertainment factor of your life this 2016 summer season:

Take to the Roads

No matter your preference, your summer is going to be greater spent out and about in the beautiful elements. Are you a pavement pounder who loves riding your motorcycle to and from every place possible? Are you a dirtbiker who loves experiencing unpaved mountain roads? Are you a bicycle fanatic?

Make your summer the best it can be by experiencing the weather full time on the various roads that life presents you. It might be off the beaten path, it might be the highway to the ocean, it might be the running path. The point is, get out on the roads to find the entertainment you crave.

See a Live Show

The summer months are great for outdoor activities in many different capacities. The local park in your area is probably organizing some summer events right now that everybody can take part in. If you don’t have that being provided in your area, look to surrounding places, or travel to a place that puts on great summer extravaganzas.

New York City’s Central Park puts on the famous Shakespeare in the Park from May to July. Other places around the world offer things of the like. If live theatre isn't’ your thing, look at what music shows are being put on, what art exhibits are going to be on display, and what other creative and entertaining things are being done for your enjoyment.

Get Active

Maybe motorcycles and Shakespeare aren’t your thing. Are you a person who loves experiencing the outdoors in all their glory? Get active this summer season to amp up the enjoyment factor of 2016. If you don’t consider yourself an active person, just get out and sit on a park bench and people watch. That’s great entertainment in itself.

No matter what you choose to do, the important thing is that you've gotten out of the house and you're living life. The great outdoors are your boulevard to the entertaining summer of your dreams. Live it up. Live it out.

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