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If you have ever had food poisoning, you know how miserable it is. One moment you're fine, and in an instant, the entire world flips upside down as you're forced to keep yourself within projectile distance from the toilet for who knows how long. Food poisoning is one of those things that creeps up on people because it's hard to know just by looking at something if it's safe to eat.

Seeing as nobody enjoys food poisoning, it's valuable to you to know about ways you can make sure that you don't get it. It's more about taking precautions and knowing the general rule of thumb when it comes to cooking or restaurant etiquette, but here's what you can do to steer clear of it:

Don't Cross Contaminate

In your day to day life, you might not realize that habits you have might be putting you at risk for food poisoning. When you're cooking at home, an education about food safety is important. If you're ever handling red meat, it's crucial that you wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching the meat.

If you're cutting the meat on a cutting board, you should always run the cutting board through the dishwasher. You also never want to use the same cutting board you've been using for meat as the cutting board for anything else like vegetables. If you're finding you're feeling a bit ill after cooking at home and you have these habits, this might very well be the reason. You could be putting yourself at risk for food poisoning.

Look Into Reviews At Restaurants

By law, restaurants are required to follow health codes so that people don't get food poisoning from their lack of ability to follow code and keep things clean. Due to this law, most restaurants will take this sort of thing seriously. They will normally bring in outsourced companies, like this Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Charleston company, to ensure their restaurant is kept as clean as possible. Those companies will clean and maintain the kitchen, ensuring that all bacteria and mess is cleaned up. This will lower the chances of people getting food poisioning. Luckily, these cleanliness records are usually made public in some format, so when you're choosing a restaurant to go to, look up their track record for sanitation. Did they pass their health inspection with flying colors, or did they fail in the same regard?

When you get food poisoning from a restaurant, there are ways you can take action against them to make sure that you're getting compensated for what you went through. Food poisoning is no fun, but there are ways you can make sure you don't get it. As long as you handle your own food with proper care and thoroughly cook meat and don't eat things that have been sitting out too long, you'll be fine.

At restaurants, look around that the cleanliness of tables and things of the sort. If things feel gross, it might be a sign you shouldn't eat there. Staying away from the sickness can be as easy as just being aware, but obviously sometimes it happens, and that's a drag, but it passes.

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