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Most people don't put much thought into their workout gear, at least not if they don't work out that often. If fitness was one of your goals for this new year and you don't have the right clothing, now is the time to invest in some. The right clothing will depend on what your workout plan is.

You need different clothing for yoga than you need for running. While you might be able to get away with doing yoga in our pajamas at home you don't want to wear them to the yoga studio. Here are some tips on getting the clothing you need for enhanced workouts.

Does Your Gear Serve A Dual Purpose?

If you run a lot or jog or walk, you may want to invest in some gear that pulls double duty. You can find great compression shorts (which will help you avoid muscle fatigue) that come with pockets that fit your smartphone or iPod. Most likely you're listening to some kind of music while you job, so why not make it more convenient to carry it?

Some of your yoga gear, especially your mat, can double for other things, like a more comfortable place to do situps or pushups. Yoga pants can also be used for other things that yoga, like your pilates workout, but they could trip you up running in them.

Are You Staying Dry?

Working out is sometimes a sweaty affair, but you can buy workout clothing that is specially made to help you stay dry. Look for workout clothes that have wicking properties. This means they absorb your sweat but let you stay dry (and they somehow, magically, stay dry).

Investing in a good hand towel with sweat absorbing abilities is also a good idea, whether you're using it during a hot yoga session or while running on the treadmill. It's not clothing, but it is definitely an important workout accessory.

Consider Protection

You also want clothing that protects you while you're working out. Compression gear is great for protection, from sustainable socks that help you avoid chafing and blisters to knee braces that help you jog without pain or recover faster after your workout. You can also invest in braces for a different material for use when doing yoga (if you have weak wrists) or for other needs.

Another thing you may want to consider investing in are the right shoes. Running shoes are made much differently than walking shoes. But you can also get cross-trainers that are good for walking and some other sports. You may also want socks that absorb shock for running, for extra foot protection.

The right clothing can really make your workout safer and even more comfortable for you. If you're not sure what to use for your particular routine or sport, do a little research to find the best products and the best brands.

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