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Not all men wear cologne, and those that do don't always get it right. If you want to start wearing cologne, you might be wondering when to wear it. Is it an everyday thing, or only for special occasions? Is it acceptable to wear cologne at work, or is it inappropriate for the office? Some men don't like walking out of their front door without spritzing some cologne on while others save it for special occasions. Find out what sort of cologne wearer you are with this handy guide for when and where to put it on.

The Everyday Wearer

Not every man chooses to apply cologne as part of their everyday routine. But if you want to go down this route, you need to be careful with choosing your cologne. It's better to go without than to wear a cologne that's much too strong. If you wear cologne every day, you need to enjoy the smell of it a lot because you're going to be catching a whiff of yourself all the time. It's for this reason that you don't want an everyday cologne to be too strong (and to spare the nose of others too). Choose something subtle, perhaps with citrus notes. You want people to be able to smell you when they're standing close to you, not from across the room.

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Only on Special Occasions

Other cologne-wearers decide to take the opposite end of the spectrum. One risk with wearing your cologne all the time is that you become less sensitive to it and accidentally start spraying it on stronger and stronger. If you can't stand being able to smell your cologne 24/7, it might be best to save it for special occasions. But just because you wear it less, it doesn't mean you should choose something much stronger to make up for it. If you only wear cologne for special occasions, you can afford to go for something a bit more special and expensive.

Nights on the Town

Wearing cologne on a night out is great for giving you a bit more confidence. For one thing, it's nice to smell good when you're surrounded by sweaty club-goers. If you're somewhere busy, you can wear a slightly stronger scent than you would wear during the day. It can help you stand out from the crowd. Some men even use pheromone cologne to help them attract women. But you still don't want to be the most powerful smelling guy in the room. Experiment with different scents and see how long they last. Unfortunately, you will have to ask your friends to smell you to get an accurate picture of the strength of your cologne.

Working Man

Wearing cologne to the office is part of being an everyday cologne wearer, but there are some things to consider when you're around colleagues. Remember that you're in a professional environment, so your "going out" cologne probably isn't appropriate for wearing at work. Stick to subtle scents during the working day, and remember that the rest of the office has to smell you.

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